Opinion: The Problem With Early Access

If you frequent Steam you’ll have probably noticed a large volume of new releases come under Steam’s Early Access program, a system by which a game is released before completion for the purposes of bug testing, community input and the like. At first there was a novelty to Early Access, but now it seems that almost every game being released on Steam is in this Early Access program, let’s talk about that.

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randomass1711552d ago

Early access I look at as an alternative to pre-ordering and becoming a game tester. These games are unfinished, so issues are bound to pop up. If you don't want to deal with bugs then you should probably just wait for the finished version.

aliengmr1552d ago

Its not for every game or developer. A linear, level-based game with a small, part-time team won't do well with early access.

A sandbox game with a small, full-time team will fare better.

But these are issues that will iron themselves out over time.

Desolate_Hybrid1549d ago

I've noticed that it also depends on the type of game. "Bigger" name strategy games (like Planetary Annihilation) can market it as an opportunity to learn the units and strategies before everyone else. It's much more appealing when it's put that way.