The Unfinished Swan rated for PS4 and PS Vita in Korea

According to a recent rating from the Korean Game Rating Board, the PS3 exclusive Unfinished Swan could be coming to the PS Vita and PS4.

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NukaCola1556d ago

Cool. This was a fun indi.

MegaRay1556d ago

Wasnt this CONFIRMED already?

DigitalRaptor1556d ago

Day one purchase!

Next step…. Journey for Vita and PS4.

B_Rian891556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

cool. I never finished the PS3 version. I think I would enjoy it better on the Vita. just like I did with Guacamelee and Stick It to The Man

theshredded1556d ago

Indies are much more enjoyable on PsVita

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