Five reasons to get Dad a PS3

It's been a year and a half since Sony launched the PS3 with lots of hype, only to have Nintendo and its scrappy Wii system steal most of the thunder with its "casual" games and motion-control system. Even Microsoft had a better year with high-profile games like Halo 3 getting people excited about the Xbox 360.

If you thought the PS3 was dead in the water, it might be time to reconsider that assumption. We've had a chance to re-look at the PS3, and now feel that while Sony might not be king of the hill just yet, they're at least back on the mountain ready to take on the other two contenders. Here are five reasons we think you should take another look at the PS3 if you're a home gaming console fan. While others are scrambling to still find Nintendo Wii systems for Father's Day, you can march in and grab a PS3 right off the shelf and know that you may have just gotten a better gift.

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ajeben8094553d ago

lol he probly woodnt have a clue wat to do with it anyway

Denocao4553d ago

I could've told you this was going to happen an year and half ago. Duh!

PSWe604553d ago

Only PUTO Bots in utter denial think that the PS3 is dead in the water, and now their precious 1 year lead is nearly gone

eagle214553d ago

There are places in the world that don't even buy it. Seriously a 2007 thing that lasted 2 months.