FIFA 15 Graphics Features that’ll Blow Your Mind

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): Great news, sports fan. There’s an excellent chance EA Sports’ FIFA 15 will have the greatest presentation in sports game history. From impressive emotional reactions among players to unique chants depending on the country or club, there’s a lot to get excited about when the game releases September 23rd for multiple consoles, PS4 and Xbox One included.

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JBSleek1738d ago

Very excited for this game.

Clown_Syndr0me1738d ago

I feel bad for people who spend £100s on Fifa coins only to start over year after year.

ramiuk11738d ago

mugs in first place imo

skulz71738d ago

Fifa must be the one game that is 90% the same every year.
5% extra graphics. 4% extra players / stadiums. 1% gameplay

Annoys me how people bash Battlefield, CoD and Assassins Creed when Fifa is even worse than them at annual releases.

zsquaresoff1738d ago

Technically, all sports games are 90% same with slight variation. Madden, Wwe14, Nba14... Etc.

BLuTheSecond1738d ago

I would bet that the same people who bash Battlefield, COD, and AC for being annual releases also bash sports games for the same reason.

I wouldn't be surprised if a large number of those people are also japanophiles/weeabos. I noticed that they tend to hate anything western or anything that their dudebro counterparts enjoy. But that's for a different discussion.

mechlord1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

If only i could agree more than once...

Drakesfortune1738d ago

all i have heard about this game is how the graphics have slightly improved what about actual gameplay which was shit last year any news on the career mode which again was rubbish last year

pompombrum1738d ago

But have you heard about the realistic grass? Fans love realistic grass /s

philm871737d ago

Don't know why Fifa gameplay gets slated by some people, it's pretty near to perfect so they can't change it too much. Think the people that don't like it are the ones who are just terrible at the game, complain about through balls over the top because they don't know how to defend etc.

I've not played Fifa 14 much on the PS3/Xbox 360 but noticed a massive difference between Xbox 360 version of Fifa 13 and Ps4 Fifa 14. New engine, incredible animation improvement, big gameplay improvements.

Think the differences aren't as easy to spot unless you play fifa way too much like I do, like for example the fact that it's much more realistic with possession play winning out more over direct/long ball play.

And the grass looks gorgeous!