Three Reasons Why PS4's Ratchet & Clank Remake Could Be Rad

Push Square: "Since the series’ inception in 2002, veteran developer Insomniac Games has milked Ratchet & Clank harder than a particularly productive Friesian. The good old dependable duo have starred in no less than 12 titles over the past 12 years – and that’s excluding mobile phone spin-offs, compilations, and cameos in titles such as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Despite this, the platforming property registers among this editor’s favourite PlayStation franchises, and so news that its inaugural outing would be receiving a PlayStation 4 remake early next year had a Groovitron-esque effect on your humble host. With details on the overhaul agonisingly light, though, we’ve decided to take matters into our own furry hands – and relay the three reasons why we reckon that this makeover could be so special."

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Abash1739d ago

I actually love that they are reimagining the first Ratchet & Clank and making it with the PS4's power. Lot's of potential there

-Foxtrot1739d ago

Seems like it's for the best.

There's been so many games and spin offs that I think it's time they started fresh with a clean slate. Maybe one without Insomniac Games.

sonic9891739d ago

they can take the story at any direction they want now thats good .
also under the new sony management house and shuhei i see sony focusing more on their franchises and making them look more prestigious pretty much like nintendo and at the same time introduce the new and the fresh it needs balance but i am more than sure that Sony can handle that challenge .
I think andrew house loves ratchet and to be honest i love ratchet too and i wish sony to make more games with platforming action like jak crash or JRPGs like Rouge galaxy .
right now am so bumped for LBP 3 and RIME if we see anything at gamescom , and hopefully more on the way.

MasterCornholio1739d ago

I agree with you. We need more platformers in this industry.

DigitalRaptor1739d ago

This one is going under the radar, but I'm glad Insomniac are returning to the roots.

They haven't made a great game since A Crack in Time, so will be nice to see how they can breathe fresh air back into Ratchet. After Sunset Overdrive, I have faith.

MegaRay1739d ago

Nexus was better than aCiT (IMO). You should try it.
If it was a bit longer, it would've been my best game of 2013.