BioWare Doesn’t Know What to Do with Mass Effect

GeekParty writes: "Two years have passed since Mass Effect 3‘s release. Since then, we’ve heard rumblings of a fourth entry, but E3 came and went with barely a whisper of the highly anticipated title."

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ArchangelMike1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Very good article with valid points raised. I think the ME trilogy was so good, and so groundbreaking that it will be hard for Bioware to match it, let alone top it.

I was expecting them to show something at E3, and the fact that they didn't said alot. It seems that they still don't know what direction they want to take the franchise. Basically, they are probably still in pre-production (going by the E3vidoc), and the game is probably another 2 years away - at least.