What is the future of the PS Vita?

Kutter28 shares his thoughts on the PS Vita's future.

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Mikey322301606d ago

The future is bright!.. i hope :D i love my vita.

Kurisu1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I have no plans on picking up a PlayStation Vita. What I'm waiting for is PlayStation TV! I'm getting a PS4 in October and it's going in the front room. Because it's the family room I don't have that much time to game in there, so I'll hook the PlayStation TV up in my room alongside my PS3! That way I can play PS4 in my room, as well as having access to PlayStation Vita games.

Sony need to push hard with PSTV as it has huge potential, but it seems to have dropped off the radar. Hopefully that will change at Gamescom.

joeorc1605d ago


"Sony need to push hard with PSTV as it has huge potential, but it seems to have dropped off the radar. Hopefully that will change at Gamescom."

Sony is pushing real hard on Playstation TV

Its not dropped off the Radar, as a matter of fact its getting a release for the market in the west this fall and also Releasing in China also as a lead system to penetrate the Market in China even over the PS4!

Another Thing is its already in 6 Asian Countries other than just Japan, and with The Market in China being a very large Market, a micro-Game Console Like the Playstation TV WILL HAVE A MASSIVE PRICE ADVANTAGE...THE PS4 AND THE XBOXONE ARE OVER $770.00+ TO OVER $800.00

WHILE THE PLAYSTATION TV IS $102.00 USD and with a back catalog of over 1000 games at launch+supports official small indies developers like in China that can test and run their Code on just a retail ver of the playstation TV which also offers Self publishing , a start up of no licence fee, to boot just recently the Unity 3D game engine went live Support for the Playstation TV/Vita

To people that may make light of that announcement, that means an existing Apple or Android Application can be ported to playstation Vita or Playstation TV and you are not wasting code time!

Sony is not giving up on the PSVita as "just a companion device to the PS4" they have turned the priority development of the playstation vita as a Micro-Game Console for your living room or bed room.

Darkstares1605d ago

It sold just 15k in the U.S. last month, a nearly 50% drop from same month last year. I don't expect much support for it in North America, at least not any real big games unless they are simply cross-platform games.

joeorc1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


" I don't expect much support for it in North America, at least not any real big games unless they are simply cross-platform games"

Sony is not going to heavy invest into making very many AAA games in very large number's for the simple and blunt truth, the vast majority of Consumers do not want them and the Numbers show it.

For instance when Sony does, the majority of gamer's call the game a watered down PS3 port! or another one is why play that on a 5" screen when i could play the same game on a big screen on my PS3, as a matter of fact the vast majority of gamers even stated i would rather play that game on a big screen they stated Sony please make that game for the PS3!

So Sony decided to make the main PSVita platform for development for being a Micro-Game Console now being 1st priority over the standard Vita..though the main games being built will no longer really have back touch pad game design added in support or camera use in the games being developed, that still means that the standard playstation Vita will still be able to run those games though.

The price of the playstaton TV being $99.00 to $139.00 for the playstation TV bundle with a controller and a 8GB flash card allows the Playstation Vita as a Micro Game console a better chance in the market to sell AAA game development on the Vita platform than a standard Playstation Vita does because that is what the "Majority of gamer's have been telling Sony for since playstation Vita was launched"

Expect more AAA to be developed for the playstation TV as the main Vita and the PSVita just a port machine of that playstation TV game from here on out.

SpiralTear1605d ago


"Expect more AAA to be developed for the playstation TV as the main Vita..."

That's not going to happen. Sony has said up-front that their AAA Vita efforts aren't worth it. The problem is that Playstation TV is essentially a Vita without portability or the hardware whistles. They're not two completely different architectures.

And besides, while gamers know of Playstation TV, the average consumer doesn't understand what the difference is between that and a PS4. Sure, it's much cheaper, but it has no identity, and even if it did, the Vita's terrible support from Sony is what will damage game development for PS TV too...because they're essentially the same. How's Sony gonna give people an idea of the difference between the two systems and give them individual marketing campaigns?

Sony made their decision with the Vita and that decision is not supporting it with AAA games. PS TV's success is coordinated closely with that of the Vita, meaning we're not going to see new AAA material for that unless Sony pulls a complete 180 and gets their act together with the Vita.

Rydro1605d ago

Great things take time. It will beat 3DS soon!

Gears_President1604d ago

I don't know about that. I have the original and I love it. If they ever discontinue it Ill just get every game ever made for it.

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4NextLvLGamers1606d ago

I have hope as I love the Vita too! It just doesn't appear that Sony knows how to bring in Triple-A titles from the top level dev teams.

miyamoto1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

The Ps Vita will evolve into a more balanced video game platform for the core gamers and the casual; the young and the older gamers; from AAA exclusives to popular 3rd party games.
The PS Vita is going to have "The Right Games" now that Sony has come to their senses about the portable gaming scene.

CyberSentinel1605d ago

If you love JRPG's (which I do;-) then vita is the portable system to own.
I'm more then happy with my vita.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1606d ago

like Usual lets wait for TGS and Gamescocm like we do every year. see what Sony says for Vita and then we can have more articles deciding if it's dead or alive. Then repeat.

bjmartynhak1605d ago

Basically this after KZ:Merc and Tearaway were announced... Sad.

Emanno1605d ago

If the PS4 can outsell so much like cakes then the Vita has a bright future.

Protagonist1605d ago

Awesome device but Gamescom Is Vital.

I wish Sony Playstation concidered what a mistake it was to treat their own product like that at E3.

MrSwankSinatra1605d ago

If they don't give the Vita a big push at gamescom then I have no hope left for the Vita.

Protagonist1605d ago

I would not take it that far as I am sure Sony Playstation will support the PS Vita for at least six more year.

The question however is how they support it.

TheTowelBoy1605d ago

Agree I own mine and at this point only for remote play in bed

MajorGecko1604d ago

i use mine as a skype/youtube device i have all the latest games it just feels like the party's over on vita.

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