How to Play FIFA in the Destiny Beta

Twinfinite: What's the best part about the Destiny beta? For sure this.

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user14394141915d ago

Run and SLIDE by pressing the crouch button, me and my friends was doing this last night as well as doing funny dances. Its a whole lot of fun I love Destiny and cant wait for the full game.

SniperControl1915d ago

Where did the ball come from?

Amazing game, just hit level 6, loving every minute of it.

JackOfAllBlades1915d ago

Laying by the stairs in main tower balcony area

Th3o1915d ago

What a "Just for hits" title. Instead of saying "How to play soccer/football in Destiny" they had to say Fifa lol...

Although the video is pretty funny and interesting, the title is a little misleading to say the least...

Nightfallen1915d ago

The title bothers me way more than it should. I agree.

neocores1915d ago

Yeah during the alpha this black soccer looking ball think came out of the ground we had a blast

leemo191914d ago

There also a giant purple ball that appears sometimes as well.