GotGame: Preview | What we've learned from the Destiny beta

GotGame: We've played through the beta, and here are some interesting tidbits that we've learned.

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thorstein1736d ago

I've learned that it is incredibly robust and a fun game to play.

I've also learned that an MMO can look gorgeous!

UnwanteDreamz1736d ago

Agreed, and I didn't realize I was just burned out on military shooters. I thought I was done with FPS as a genre. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!!!

PurpleDragon961736d ago

I learned that whilst it has very good, tight shooting that is a blast, and fantastically fun abilities as well as expansive beautiful and varied environments that it actually severely lacks depth.

The AI is horrible, the guns aren't varied enough, there isn't enough customisation, the story is weak at best, loot is pretty badly done and it all seems a bit half baked at best other than the graphics and the actual shooting mechanics.

Shallow is how I would describe it, although it is very fun, how long will that last?

mayberry1735d ago

Totally agree with your points on the game, I found the a.i. to be horrible also. It isn't as deep a game as I'd hoped, but it does show some cool stuff once I leveled up my weapons and abilities more. It does go to level 20, so we'll see some epic stuff eventually for sure!

PurpleDragon961734d ago


Yeah, don't really understand why I'm getting disagrees... Anyone who can see past the hype after playing as long as I have will start to see the obvious cracks. This game just isn't good enough YET.

ChronoJoe1736d ago


Destiny isn't an MMO, so naturally it has a graphical advantage. Co-op is what, 4 players at one time?

Fil1011736d ago

I need a ps3 beta code

thorstein1736d ago

Got to the forums on the Playstation site or the Bungie site and you should be able to find some. I only have PS4 ones.

EjWarrior1736d ago

can anyone pleas give me a PS4 BETA-code pleas thanks :)

patsrule3161736d ago

Direct message me if you need one. I have one PS3 code, but I don't have a PS3.

Goku7811736d ago

Ive learned that there are two games I will be playing and happy if nothing else comes out this year. DC Universe, Destiny, oh yeah and the Last of Us, and Drive Club, man this is getting expensive and busy!

XtraTrstrL1736d ago

I just saw in email on my phone about 2 hours ago that I got an invite to the beta late last night. Only 1 more gig to go!!!!

MrWonderful1736d ago

does anyone have a ps3 code?

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The story is too old to be commented.