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While playing the beta of Destiny made me think this sci-fi shooter is going to be like a cross between Halo and Mass Effect, it has some issues that keep it from being amazing.

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LilRhone1871554d ago

If ya got a spare ps3/4 key. PM me or PSN me.


CyrusLemont1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Still need it?

PS I only have Europe keys.

MasterChief841554d ago

I'm loving this game, while there some issues, this is only the beta and I will with hold judgement until the actual game is released. One thing I do worry about is that the final build of the game won't be as pretty as the 2013 e3 demo. Gaming companies always show their games with super awesome graphics, then when released they are downgraded. Even if the graphics remain the same, it's not a reason to say the game is crap, the current graphics are still good! I foresee hundreds of hours playing this game :) September 9 is way too far away :(

_LarZen_1554d ago

Most fun I have had in a FPS in a long long time.

fOrlOnhOpe571554d ago

As a basically SP gamer, I've pretty much enjoyed the 'drop in' and 'drop out' element of the game and the public and Co op aspects. Bottom line: it's been great fun for me personally and I can't wait for September.

Clown_Syndr0me1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I know I cant be the only one who thinks its very boring? Played co op with my mate and after a couple of hours we called it quits. Both agreed we felt like we weren't progressing at all, just revisiting areas to kill the same/similar waves of enemies over and over again.

As I get older Im finding these kind of games less and less appealing.

Edit: Not going to lie we only reached level 7, but had no motivation at all to continue. Will keep my preorder as wont be swayed by a beta (unless it was terrible) and judge it properly on the final release.

Tango_9111554d ago

You're not alone. I agree with it getting boring but hopefully there will be many more places to visit in the final game. If this game was like fully open world where you actually fly your ship to the planets and that would be amazing.

Clown_Syndr0me1554d ago

Yeah we both said the only thing that could save it for us, personally, is a hell of alot more variety.
Im sure there will be alot more, tonnes more even however it wont change the core gameplay - Shoot everything for reasons we don't care about.
On the plus side Im impressed with how technically sound the alpha and beta have been so that's good. The game is bound to be stable. Also the visuals are stunning in places. That's not enough for me though.
Keeping my preorder, will judge it properly on the final product, as it would be unfair to judge on a beta test.

_LarZen_1554d ago

I find the game more about progressing me as a player and my skills. Rather then progressing new abilities. You get new skills's not that. But I feel this game is pushing me as a player to progress...and I like that.

If you and your friend reached The Devil's Lair you should know what I mean.

youndamie1554d ago

You have to play at the Lair, it's pretty intense. The final boss was awesome.

DeadlyOreo1554d ago

I agree. Is that the mechanical purple eye boss thing? Because I was completely underwhelmed by the that, the big boss before that was way more fun and challenging.

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