Following in the footsteps of Thor: Which iconic game characters are ripe for a genderswap?

In the spirit of Thor, here are five male video game characters that would benefit from a change of gender.

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-Foxtrot1554d ago

None because the Thors gender swap doesn't even make sense,

randomass1711554d ago

Thor is a demigod. Who the heck said demigods can't change their appearance and gender? :P

Neonridr1554d ago

but it doesn't make any sense in the context of any of the stories or comics. I mean none of the X-Men changed genders. Spiderman isn't a girl..

what's the point of changing it. Why not just make a new character as say it's Thor's unknown sister or something. Why change something that has been a certain way for so long?

randomass1711554d ago

I guess they want the same personality in a woman's body? I couldn't really say. Also while Spider-man has never been a girl, there is a Spider-girl who is his daughter and in the Ultimate series he was replaced by a half black, half hispanic kid with spider powers. :P

MysticStrummer1554d ago

Thor isn't changing his appearance and gender. He gets his powers from the hammer, but the hammer can only be wielded by one who is worthy. Thor has lost that privilege more than once through the years, and others have used the hammer. The same thing is happening again. Male Thor will still exist and I would bet he'll eventually get the hammer back, but whoever is deemed worthy to use the hammer gets all the powers of Thor, which effectively makes them Thor.

-Foxtrot1554d ago


Even then they shouldn't be called Thor or wear the same looking outfit. Other people who have held the hammer have never been called Thor why start now.

I mean why replace good characters, if they want a good female character then develop Sif into one.

Anthotis1554d ago

Maybe they could not ruin iconic characters in the first place...

Oh wait, not ruining stuff isn't the way of the twisted, sly and vindictive SJW.

MonstaTruk1554d ago


I don't know what SJW stands for but...I gave you an agree regardless.

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JsonHenry1554d ago

I don't know why they have to name her "Thor". Plenty of other people have held the hammer without changing their name. Give the girl her own brand name and line of comics.

But I guess that wouldn't be politically correct enough for them.

addictedtochaos1554d ago

All the Marvel announcements are ridiculous and proof that Marvel is creatively bankrupt. There is nothing wrong with minority or female characters, just don't hijack established characters for the sake of forced diversity. If they want minority or female characters fine, but make them a unique character.

TricksterArrow1554d ago

Pretty sure Thor has already been a girl in the comics. Jane Foster wielded the Hammer once, if I'm not mistaken.

This is nothinh new.

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Neonridr1554d ago

wait they are making Thor a woman? How ridiculous is that? You're telling me they just couldn't use a female superhero instead?

Let me guess, next up Wolverine will become a girl too..

that actually bothers me, but enough of that.

WPX1554d ago

Well, if they make Wolverine a girl I wouldn't be surprised. But then X23(which is practically a girl Wolverine) will be out of the job.

contradictory1554d ago

i don't really get the point of genderswaps
why can't you just create a new character with a new personality?

LightDiego1554d ago

That's ridiculous, create a new character instead.

Reeze1554d ago

None. Make a new character. It's funny, because if Thor was female and they tried to make her male, everyone would FREAK OUT and cry sexism.

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