Two Big Surprises in Yesterday's NPD Report

Yesterday afternoon, the NPD released their latest numbers on the videogame industry.

The big surprises?

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Silver3601643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Watchdogs selling better on 360 than X1 is not a surprise. 80 million consoles compared to what can at best be called 5 million. It is also not a surprise it is selling best on PS4. Sony had the marketing deal with this game. They paid for the advertising so they would get better sales. It's just like CoD sells better on xbox. Advertising deals make a difference. Obvious very obvious.

n4rc1642d ago

That makes too much sense.. Lol

What I find surprising is Xbox one outselling ps3 for watchdogs.. Could be more then one factor there but I'd assume it shows a lot more ps3 users jumped to next gen vs 360 gamers.

johndoe112111642d ago

What???? How how how does that show that???????

Funantic11642d ago

Oh I still play on my 360. I sold my PS3 to help buy my PS4 and Xbox One.

bicfitness1642d ago

@John When you look at the NPD software data, it lists the platform that sold the most>least of a particular piece of software like this:

Watchdogs 900K (PS4/360/PS3/X1)

That's not exact, and I'm not too inclined to find the source or get a screencap, but it gives you an idea of how they lay things out.

AndrewLB1642d ago

While the PS3 had more console sales than 360, the fact remains that Xbox sold substantially more games. About 50 million more games in fact. Plus since everyone knows the 360 was making a profit far earlier in the product cycle, it's safe to say the 360 was more successful.

And don't forget, there are a LOT of people out there who bought a PS3 just for the excellent bluray player. At the time, it beat out any sub $1000 player available. My parents have a PS3 that's never played a single game. lol.

tommygunzII1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Could be a barometer of content.

I still have so many games to finish and more to start on PS3 IGC that I never once considered buying Watch Dogs at launch.

mayberry1641d ago

It was a very common perception last gen that a majority of playstation 3 buyers were the "breadwinners"of thier households, and the 360 fanbase were younger, so more dependant on others to purchase console and games etc.. so I'd. assume it would be also easier for ps3 adopters to move on to the ps4 now. That would explain the ps4 base outselling ps3 in watchdogs, and would explain why the 360 fanbase outsdold watchdogs than the xb1. imho.

arkard1641d ago

@andrewlb your forgetting about the RROD that cost Microsoft 1 billion $, I'm thinking that ate into profits a little.

UltraNova1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


Ok lets assume some people bought a ps3 for blu-rays, did you conveniently forget all those double and triple 360 sales due to the RROD?

Fact? PS3 sold more while costing more the entire gen and releasing a year later.

After all that crap the ps3 had to deal with the no games, price tag etc it still came on top. MS made money of xbox live (while PSn was free) cause that 50 million more game sales profits were negated by the 1 billion in RRod repairs/guarantee.

Do you call that as 'safe to assume the 360 was more successful'?

Nice try AndrewLB...

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mkis0071642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

You kind of contradict yourself. Ps4 is to ps3 as Xbox one is to xbox 360.

Why does the ps4 version sell better than its predecessor and not the xbox one?

@n4rc That is sooo much spin.You could say the exact same thing for 360 users jumping to ps4.

n4rc1642d ago

How so?

360 outsold x1.. Makes sense since its 80m vs 5m

But when 5m beats 80m (ps3) then its not quite so obvious.

Its paints the picture of more ps3 owners jumping to ps4 then 360 owners jumping to x1

Spin would be trying to make that seem like 360 users going to ps4..

MysticStrummer1642d ago

"Its paints the picture of more ps3 owners jumping to ps4 then 360 owners jumping to x1"

No it doesn't.

bicfitness1642d ago

@n4rc The only picture it paints, is that of the "next-gen" consoles, the PS4 is the only one with a healthy, constant, 3rd party attach rate. Any other speculation is unfounded.

dirkdady1642d ago

It's simple really, most hardcore Xbox 360 owners jumped over to the ps4 and bought watchdogs. That's how watchdogs sold more on ps4 than x360 as hardcore audience are the ones who would buy that game more so than casuals. I believe Andrew House said around 30% of ps4 owners never had PSN before.

pandaboy1642d ago

n4rc conveniently ignored the fact that there are nearly 20 million more 360s than ps3s in the US and acts surprised when the 360 Watch Dogs can outsell the xbox one and the ps3 version can't. It's hilariously idiotic.

mkis0071641d ago


...But then ps4's 8-9 million beat beat out xbox 360's 83 million. How do you wiggle out of that one?

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ShowGun9011642d ago thing tho. Watchdogs selling better on PS4 than on the 360 IS a big deal, considering the gap between them is 9mil-ish VS 80mil. Advertising doesnt make up for an install base difference of almost 10X. Advertising deals do make a difference, but the attach rates for this game on the 360 vs the PS4 are dramatically different, which shows PS4 users are out spending the most money on games. This is HUGE to developers. Why do awesome games come out on ios first and android second? because ios users spend about twice the money per user as android users do.


this kinda thing is what decides which is a lead platform for devs, not other petty crap this site dwells on. thats why sales ARE important whether some want to admit it or not.

christian hour1642d ago

Agreed on everything, but as for ios>android, the reason apps come out for ios first is because every iphone is gonna be the same in the package, kinda like a console, whereas every phone that uses android is exponentially different, kinda like a pc. Takes long to optimize your app to run across multiple phones and versions of android than it does to optimize your app to run across iphones with various versions of iOs. Just felt like pointing that out ;)

ShowGun9011642d ago

@christian hour


as this article states, it is the fragmentation problem too, (no problem is simple usually!) but attach rate CANNOT be overstated. two of the 3 reasons have to do with consumer purchasing patterns.

Devs want to know what percent of the install base will purchase their game, and they can pretty reliably go by the history of the system. the 360 got off to a quick lead, and its attach rate for software was ALWAYS higher than the ps3. Thats what devs wanna see! who cares if both systems have 80mil sold if they'll purchase twice as many copies on the 360, that will be the lead platform. it wasnt just COD, almost all 3rd party games sold more on the 360.

watchdogs selling more on ps4 than anywhere else (even with a tiny install base) is a good trend for sony, one that ensures the ps4 will be the lead console for almost every dev. IF this trend doesn't reverse.

horndog1642d ago

Actually ps4 selling more copies of watchdogs than 360 tells you that ps4 owners are desperate for any mediocre game and who can blame them since all they got is indies.

MannGamer1642d ago

@Horndog you are so right that is why all PS4 owners in big desperation sold their PS4 in March in big mass to buy the Xbox One TitanFall bundle which resulted in PS4 winning March NPD with no problem cause everyone was desperate to get that Titanfall, the most hyped game of any generation :-). / Sarcasm

mixolydian_id1641d ago

With respect to previous comments...

Ps4 users have had watch dogs marketed towards them since 2 x E3s ago.
Not saying everyone has but I see a lot more of my friends with neither console... Or both.
I deduct that people preferring to play it on the ps4
Xb1 players may boycott the game, or pick it up preowned later on... There are other games approaching in the next coming months that could be must buys. A majority of next gen players still use there old systems frequently while they wait for the install base to catch up.
360 players are aware that next to pre-gen ports are still highly playable and even another taster of the next gen experience will suffice till the expendable income of parents/job has been made available. It's can't say I know many people who play dead space and grand theft auto through on a regular basis, it'll likely that they'll get benched when completed, or sold.
PS3 players will likely wait for the instalment on the next console, pick it up at a discount preowned.

It is intriguing about the discrepancy and everyone can only speculate as to why this is. I personally have played titanfall to death and really enjoyed the pre-gen experience so much that I probably won't even bother getting it a second time in the future.

It does suck how developers are damn near forced to release AAA titles cross platform. Ii feel it damages the integrity of the work... On the contray, I love that it is a more affordable method of playing newer exciting experiences.

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Sharius1642d ago

i don't understand your logic at all, why watch_dog sold more on 360 than xbone isnt a suprise but sold more on PS4 than any other platform is the common sense, it's not like PS4 was release a century ahead all of these platform, is it?

slasaru011641d ago

Because people: 1) don't want to buy unoptimized quick ports; 2) saving money for future cool games like Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Halo; 3) dont't like UBI games; 4) feel like the difference in graphics between last gen and next gen not that big, so they choose last gen. PS4 bought this game because they don't so much choice or future coming games to save money

mhunterjr1642d ago

Yeah i don't understand why any if this would be considered a surprise at all...

lemoncake1642d ago

If anything it shows that xbox 360 owners are waiting before making the jump to next gen, ps3 users are upgrading much quicker.

Magicite1642d ago

although I hoped PS4 will beat X1 in June, I had my doubts, so this was the thing that surprised me, everything else was quite predictable.

BitbyDeath1641d ago

'It's just like CoD sells better on xbox.'

Used to sell better on Xbox. It now sells better on PS4.

Twiggytree31641d ago

80 million is the number "units" sold. not the number of xbox users there is. not saying it should have sold better on the one but just saying.

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chrissx1642d ago

Its not a suprise watchdogs sold more on Ps4. It was marketed on the console plus Ps4 is selling more than the bone. Also millions still have their 360 so the NPD I might say is as expected

Goku7811642d ago

Its not a surprise but just sad Xbox One cant out sell the 360. Meanwhile, Im playing Destiny right now enjoying it. Have a beta code someone, have fun on PS4! ML24-75N2-7K2N

Ezz20131642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

what was a surprise (well, not least for me)
was ps4 outselling xbox yet again

after most were saying the kinectless will change everything
since they thought ps4 is only outselling xboxone because the price

mhunterjr1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I don't think ANYONE thought that price was the ONLY reason ps4 is outselling xb1. I don't recall anyone saying that simply matching the ps4's price would instantly lead to MS having the sales advantage. There's still the issue of poorer performing Multiplats. These NPD numbers show that price is definitely a major reason, though.

Spotie1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Nearly every article about the difference in sales has at least one person attributing the PS4's advantage to the price only.

It's stupid. As stupid as people thinking the second wave of countries is gonna be a significant boost to the XB1's sales. And we know how frequently that gets tossed around.

mhunterjr1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


I'm not sure what articles you were reading, but the consensus I've seen has been the xb1 is overpriced AND underpowered when compared the ps4. The price drop only MATCHES the ps4 in price, so the perception from many would be that it's still overpriced for the amount of power...

I just don't recall any articles that suggested that simply MATCHING the ps4 in price would make the xb1 the better deal in the eyes of customers.

Outside_ofthe_Box1642d ago

***"I don't think ANYONE thought that price was the ONLY reason ps4 is outselling xb1."***

Plenty of people have said price was the only reason. Others have also said "hype" was the only reason.

Chevalier1639d ago

That could be said maybe if the high sales continued for months then you can make the conclusion that price is the major issue, but, drawing that conclusion based on one month sales bump? Just look at this weeks current global sales, where PS4 doubles Xbox One. If things return to the way it was before then it might also be more about perception of value. I would say to see how their Christmas season goes with lower price and Halo MCC.

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BillmadeAGate1642d ago

Systems by Popularity = PS4, Xbox 360 , Xbox One , PS3, Wii U. Hmmmm sounds about right.

OfficerDewey1641d ago

**Last gen and current list goes like this. Wii, PS3 , XB360 , PS4 , Wii U ,XB1. ** This is no imaginary popularity contest. Handhelds not included.

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