Assassin's Creed Unity: Watch Arno Parkour Through Paris

Our Assassin has some smooth moves for navigating above the city streets.

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SuicideKing1555d ago

Cool video, looking forward to this!

Geekman1555d ago

This guys decendants must be famous.

bloop1555d ago

It's about time they added parkour moves for going down buildings too. Always bugged me in AC that you can practically run up the side of a building like a ninja, but then you're like a clumsy baboon trying to get down. I was really starting to lose interest in AC but Unity is looking pretty sweet!!

lsujester1554d ago

I bought 3 and 4 (because of the ships, mainly) both at launch and the sour taste of their on-foot issues have me pretty wary of this one. I'll likely get it, but it'll probably be later after it goes on sale at some point.

skulz71554d ago

AC 4 was incredible though. It really revived the series for me.

3-4-51554d ago

same here. Couldn't stand AC3, and I really liked AC4.