Game developers should fix their games forever

Last year during one of the big Steam sales I finally got my hands on Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition for around $5 and I thought I was stealing it. That was until I sat down to play it and found that the game would constantly freeze and I would have to bring up my task manager to shut it down. At first I thought it might be a silly glitch, but then I learned that it was a deep rabbit hole of which there was no return.

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showtimefolks1919d ago

or here is an idea release the game when it actually finished. Fallout 3 and new vegas had major bugs yet both games received great reviews

BF4 was a broken game, or still is in some cases yet we are getting another BF game before they even fix the BF4

i also feel like gamers go out of their way to defend these companies because its their favorite games. But when another game company releases a broken game, these same gamers will bash them

gaming is full of hypocrites, as long as its my favorite game/game developer, i am willing to let things go but as soon as its a game i have no interest in than i will bash it

also i am not sure when people will realize this but to make an impact, to have our voices heard we have to speak with our wallets. Otherwise its useless

Godmars2901919d ago

"or here is an idea release the game when it actually finished."

Because dev/pubs want the money, confirmed high sale numbers well in advance to show to stockholders, and gamers are too impatient to wait.

In fact the only chance things have to get better is if gamers stop with all of the pre-orders and buying into alpha builds. Instead its only getting more popular/worse, so now devs are demanding - *demanding* - for early access on consoles.

showtimefolks1919d ago

no doubt man its getting worst, devs/publishers know they can take advantage of the situation. Sadly its only gonna get worst

I feel like people like us who buy at launch are getting the early builds, with our feedback game improves over the first 4-6 months. Than when someone new buys the game 4-6 months after release, they actually get the finished product

Scarfy1919d ago

"Because dev/pubs want the money, confirmed high sale numbers well in advance to show to stockholders, and gamers are too impatient to wait."

Exactly. Many years ago I read an article in EDGE where a developer said that if the devs were given as long as they wanted to perfect a game, it would never ship. It's basically like a model railway - there is always something to add / change / fix.

Ultimately the business will want to push the game out the door by a given date so they their customers will be happy, their investors will be happy, and they can keep the industry afloat.

Also, game devs work hard. They often work really long, stupid hours. This isn't a 9-5. During crunch time, some have been know to sleep in the office rather than go home, since it allows them to get more done..!

Ezz20131919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

the Editor want Bethesda to fix it games ?!

hahahhahahah my sides hurts
why would they do that when they can launch unfinished games and let gamers fix it for them ?!

Shacks1919d ago

I will admit I over looked Fallout 3 bugs because it never broke my game. New Vegas on the other hand did and I hated it and at the time dragged it over the coals for it. BF4, it sucks how broken it is, but honestly I never ran into any problems at all with. Except the problem of being bored playing it within a month.

Dhampir1919d ago

I want my dvd-rom to read 3.5 inch floppies too.

Run Fallout 3 in a win xp sandbox. Do a simple google search on how to fix the issue, in far less time than it took to write this essay. Or you could pay bethesda to patch the game.

This isn't even on game developers in the first place, this is a Windows issue.

Clown_Syndr0me1919d ago

Is fallout 3 still worth playing? I have an untouched copy on PS3 lying around ..

Scarfy1919d ago

It's a great game, for sure. I definitely recommend giving it a shot. One of the best games of the previous generation.

JasonXS121919d ago

I finished it for the first time recently and I have to say it's a great game. If you've enjoyed any other Bethesda titles then this game will be great for you.

Clown_Syndr0me1919d ago

Thanks for the replies. I loved Oblivion and Elder Scrolls. I tried Fallout 3 years ago but couldn't get into it, Im gonna try it after I platinum Heavy Rain.

SpecialK1919d ago

Your wrong.

I have the game on my windows 8 pc but it takes some work.

Look it up, you need to go into the game files and set it to run on one core, and limit the frame rate.

Smooth sailing from then on!

kneon1919d ago

This is why this article is stupid. Hardware changes quickly and OSes are constantly updated. To properly support a game developers would have to QA every game they have ever made every time there an OS or driver update. That is a certain path to bankruptcy.

Yes developers do need to support their games, but to say they need to support them forever is stupid.

Daniel_Potter1919d ago

In case the author is still interested in playing Fallout 3
There are fanmade patches that fix the problems

Shacks1919d ago

I really appreciate that, but like I said I don't get all that fancy stuff. I look at that site and I don't know what I am looking at. I don't even see a download for a patch.

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