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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

I have something of a love/hate relationship going with Hand of Fate right now, but thankfully it is mostly the former emotion. Hand of Fate does a little of everything, providing RPG elements such as gold, hit points and food management with action-based combat. The title works in plenty of luck while using decks of cards to dole out the experience in a way that harkens back to my many hours (okay, more like days, weeks and moths in total) spent at a tabletop gaming with my friends as well. Enjoy collecting cards and building customized decks as well? Me too - and Hand of Fate provides that experience also. Currently Hand of Fate is in its early stages, but what the team has shown is a remarkable understanding of the things that make games fun and addictive.

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Jrmy841580d ago

Just checked it out on YouTube, Looks like a good game, might give it a go.