The Last of Us 2? 'There's nothing on the horizon right now', says Troy Baker

Voice actor Troy Baker has said that he would "gladly" reprise his role as Joel should Naughty Dog ask him to return for The Last of Us 2, but confirmed that "there's nothing on the horizon right now" when it comes to developing a sequel.

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Hellsvacancy1920d ago

Well it's not really for him to say I would say

randomass1711920d ago

He could be good friends with the folks at Naughty Dog though. That would make him kind of an insider.

Baka-akaB1920d ago

Even so he'd say nothing so soon .

Ezz20131920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

a sneak peak of the trailer TLOU2

Bonkerz1920d ago

You do know that him and ND are apparently good friends. I saw an interview him and pretty much he was answering the questions about ND. So yes i would say he knows.

Hellsvacancy1920d ago

YOU do know that I didn't say he doesn't know, I said he wouldn't tell

Ezz20131920d ago

even if there is TLOU2
he would never tell

WildArmed1920d ago

Yup, it'd be bad if he slips up something his contract surely forbids him to talk about.


Until Sony / ND is ready, I'm sure we'll get a leak like bloodborne spoiling all our fun XD

Bloodborne would have been huge-r at E3 if it wasn't already leaked (even though it was huge anyway!)

Hellsvacancy1919d ago

Sooooooooo looking forward to Bloodborne

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Riggans421920d ago

Do you think he'd admit if they were working on a sequel? Voice actors have said things in the past that bit them in the butt. I think Troy Baker is smart enough to deny these type of things.

-Foxtrot1920d ago

Hopefully he's involved. I know people want to play as a grown up Ellie, I do aswell but I still think we should play as Joel for half the story....telling two sides

Maybe he could die in the end so Ellie will take over but I'd rather they do that in the third game. I'd rather the first trilogy see Joels story as he trains Ellie so she'll take over fully.

Ezz20131920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

i cared about joel more than ellie
i love them both
but i really felt that guy pain through the whole game
what an epic game

Joe9131920d ago

I agree they should have a proper end for Joel maybe have him like Sully in Uncharted.

danny8181920d ago

why the hell would he confirm anything regarding a sequel?!
you can damn be sure the story is being worked on and written along with preparations of the cast. Its pretty much confirmed

skydragoonity1920d ago

We all know there will be a sequel

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The story is too old to be commented.