Bungie Teases Moon Access in Destiny Beta

Twinfinite: Oh look, you can select to go to the Moon in the Destiny beta. Well aren't they slick.

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Mikelarry1738d ago

Played for like 10 mins yesterday but now that its the weekend i can fully enjoy this beta secrets. thanks for the info

BattleTorn1738d ago

I'm gonna be trying to find all the gold chests. There are youtube guides

ZodTheRipper1738d ago

I'm a bit disappointed that it's the same content as the alpha, would be cool to see the moon outside of PvP.

xYLeinen1738d ago

I loved the PvE and strike mission, but I suck too much too enjoy the crucible pvp..

Eldyraen1738d ago

I haven't touched Crucible in either alpha or beta and may not till release.

The few bugs I noticed in Alpha (mainly Strike related) have been fixed as far as I can tell or at least didn't crop up this time around. I will be running it more still though but it is looking even better than Alpha all around.

The moon tease is a little disappointing only because I was hoping to experience just a bit more of Destiny during the Beta. I still have found a few new areas and Ghosts though so just means the rest of the universe should be substantial (I had put a lot of time in the Alpha alone). I also like seeing the first subclass now (I don't think I overlooked it in Alpha but may have).

Destiny can't come soon enough.

Squeaky_door1738d ago

Check back everyday on the beta. They have hinted they will release more things to do during beta(moon missions, raise lvl cap, etc)

Menkyo1738d ago

Yes they said there will be surprises during the beta.

Menkyo1738d ago

I have no interest in the PVP. Good luck to all that do.

anwe1738d ago

It's not for me either. I'm glad that its included for those that enjoy it, but I also hope they don’t try to funnel everyone into it at one time or another.

ZodTheRipper1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Really guys? PvP is so much fun imo, can't wait for the other modes. It's a great mix of Halo and Borderlands. Finding the right weapon type is important, I suck at machine guns but love snipers and shotguns.

Menkyo1738d ago

@Zod Im glad you like it but I dont find anything fun about it. Its just plain boring to me, I compete for real in judo thats the only competition I care about. When I relax I just want to boot up the game and co-op with my peeps to kill stuff.

BattleTorn1738d ago

I know a few friends who are, so I'll play PVP along side them..

But for the most part I'm interesting in exploring PVE

ZodTheRipper1738d ago

Same here, PvE is where it's at but the PvP is very enjoyable as well.

Mr-Dude1738d ago

I hope we see some more of the solarsystem. But not to much offcourse

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The story is too old to be commented.