Titanfall ‘Frontier’s Edge’ DLC Export map details, screenshots

Earlier this week, details were released on one of three maps in Titanfall's upcoming "Frontier’s Edge" DLC. Today, the developer has shared the first details and screenshots of the second map known as "Export."

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Dontworrybhappy1553d ago

Sweet. Really wish these DLC would come with new weapons. But alas, Battlefield has spoiled me.

skydragoonity1553d ago ShowReplies(3)
tgunzz1553d ago

Just give me a release date!

Wikkid6661553d ago

Its sometime in September

Ryan7411553d ago

Not the fastest in getting the map packs out.

daBUSHwhaka1553d ago

There has just been a map pack out a few weeks ago.How often do you want dlc.Would you prefer to have it all now and then complain in a few months time of a dry up or would you prefer them to be spaced out and enjoy the new dlc when it arrives.This is what keeps people coming back for more.

Ryan7411553d ago

Seems ages ago, maybe not that long but more than a few weeks. Got the season pass so maybe a little impatient for it.