For Bungie, straddling four consoles in Destiny was a balancing act

Destiny isn’t the first game to straddle two generations of gaming hardware, but it’s one of the few currently in play that was built from the ground up with that in mind.

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Grave2266d ago

Well, here's hoping they release it on PC soon enough hehe.

ITPython2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Shame they didn't push the game on all the platforms in order to have a more "balanced experience". That to me screams parity, probably purchased alongside a large order of fries from MS.

I am going to put down good money that the XB1 version of the Destiny beta will look nearly identical to the PS4 version, mark my words. MS got to Bungie with their parity clause.

The most damning quote from the article:

"As Wolfson puts it, “We want to let the designers drive what the game means.” So for the platform engineers, it’s not about pushing a console to its limits. Wolfson and his team are simply focused on ensuring that the base experience dreamed up by Bungie’s creative types can be faithfully recreated in four very different playgrounds."

How is pushing a console to it's limits going to affect Bungie's creative vision for the game? Seriously?

This is bad folks, parity confirmed and spun in such a way that makes it sound like a good thing (which it most certainly is not). PS4 version is guaranteed to have been gimped and held back to XB1 standards (which coincidentally probably got pushed to it's limits).

It is last gen all over again, and MS seems to be hitting every multiplat game they can and this isn't stopping anytime soon.

I'm bookmarking this article, as I bet when July 23rd arrives and the beta comes out on the XB1, we will get that inevitable "PS4 vs XB1 Destiny comparison screenshots" article, and people are going to be pissed when they find out the PS4 version was intentionally held back and gimped.

THamm2266d ago

Playing the ps4 version I don't get a wow factor on any aspect in terms of graphics, looks like a really good 360 or ps3 game. Game is great but not pushing the next gen visuals, so far MGS ground zeroes, nba 2k are the only games that made me feel next gen and playing both current and next gen on each title, I could really see and feel the difference