Marketing's Effect on Games

Next Gen Hype! Marketing is a big part of why we buy a game, it builds us up, sets expectations and in some situations there is great marketing for bad games and bad marketing for good games. Allen of Gamer Assault Weekly takes a look at how games marketing has effected some titles.

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FrostbiteGhost1643d ago

It's really sad how WET turned out. Fifteen year old me was so excited for that game. Even preordered it.

VRex71643d ago

I see this in the new games.. there have been some games that have come out that have so many promises and just don't deliver. Marketing is a sketchy thing but as a gamer, it's up to us to play and make our own decisions on a game. I try to not have like crazy expectations, gotta take games for what they are!!

FrostbiteGhost1643d ago

Yeah I think one of the best examples of that is Thief. That game was an established and loved series then it released and it went no where and wasn't well recieved.

nick47611643d ago

The fact that the author said that CoD Ghosts embraced next gen graphics makes me a little sad...

FrostbiteGhost1643d ago

They did on the one. It looked awful on the 360. On xbox one its a noticable improvement

LAWSON721643d ago

A noticeable improvement is AW not Ghosts at a higher resolution