BF4 Radio Easter Egg In Dragon’s Teeth – Kraken Easter Egg?

The new BF4 Radio Easter Egg has been discovered in the Dragon’s Teeth map Lumphini Garden. This one requires you to wear the Battlefield Veteran Dogtag to activate the radio Easter Egg. There is also a new clue on the map Lumphini Garden which includes a map of Paracel Storm and some Chinese writing.

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TearsOfARapper1736d ago

You spent your time not only finding the Easter Eggs, but making a video of them that people are watching. So it sounds to me like DICE aren't wasting their time. The people designing these maps and the Easter Eggs aren't the same staff fixing glitches and such anyways.

GreenGamers1736d ago

The new maps are awesome! I'm sure this will have a good impact on the battlefield 4 community.