The Last of Us on PS3: “we were envisioning something that couldn’t quite be achieved”

The Last of Us: Remastered is due for release at the end of this month and has been both praised and criticised for release on a new console system so soon after it’s release on the PlayStation 3.

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XiSasukeUchiha1553d ago

You did it to it's make me cry just a little.

SpinalRemains1381553d ago

Put on your big boy pants and walk it off, kid.

iamnsuperman1553d ago

I think this is more evident by Ellie's invisibility to the enemy than the FPS and resolution. I know they haven't sorted this out for the remastered (nor should we expect it since that would mean a complete overhaul) but it is the major criticism of the game. It would have been far too hard to have Ellie completely avoid the enemy on the PS3

BiggCMan1553d ago

There could have at least been a mechanic to always have her behind you. I mean there is literally times when she storms in front of you and then in front of enemies with nothing to worry about.

garos821553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

not so easy i imagine, due to the fact she had some ai programmed to help joel in sticky situations. ie flanking a clicker or runner with bricks and bottles or her pocket knife.

yes it looked stupid and broke the illusion , but it didn't do enough damage to the masterpiece as a whole.

@biggcman lol for me 2. it cut the tension a little bit

@irishguy i disagree, i found the enemy AI extremely impresive, don't know if it was the AI itself or the dialogue enemies have whilst flanking you that gave me the illusion of great AI. either way i felt pressured when they knew i was about and highly nerve wracking!

on another note, does anyone know if there will be any trade in offers for ps3 users in the UK. Bought it day one with season pass and i would surely appreciate some sort of discount come July 30th. (sorry naughty dogs would love to pay full amount but economically not the best condition at the moment)

BiggCMan1553d ago

No of course not, I didn't mean to come across that way. It's just something I thought of. Believe me it didn't effect me in any way at all, I thought it was funny actually.

Irishguy951553d ago

Pretty much my only gripe with the awesomeness of said game. Along with the enemy Ai not being as good as originally shown

Nerdmaster1553d ago

In the beginning I tried to keep my distance from the enemies and only got near them when it was a certain kill because I didn't want Ellie getting their attention. Then one time she was at the wrong site of the wall I was hiding in, an enemy was approaching and I was like "get out of there, you f***ing b*tch!". And then the enemy bumped into her and kept walking and I was like "WTF?!?".

the_hitman30001553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Even though I loved the PS3 version I agree with the guy from Naughty Dog, to me you could just see when playing the game that this was all they could do. Amazing nonetheless but for me the PS4 version will look great, show off how great it will look again.

UNKLE1553d ago

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Revengeance1553d ago

Here's an idea? How about you stay away from N4G until the game releases? Or is that too hard for you?