Destiny Beta 60 Minutes Gameplay - Has potential to hang out with the big guns - CramG

Is there room for another AAA shooter to stand tall next to Call of Duty and Battlefield games? Destiny is shaping up to succeed where others have failed.

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PANDAB1557d ago

(PS4 Beta Codes for Destiny above)

BattleTorn1557d ago

It's always worth mentioning the region that the code is locked to

Clown_Syndr0me1557d ago

Its definately improved from the Beta, but cant help but feel its still very bland and boring.
So far its all - Go here, kill that, rinse & repeat. I dont feel any connection to my character or his story either.
I will still get the game, just hope its better.

kneon1557d ago

I'm not holding out much hope for the story, it doesn't get much more cliché than having "The Darkness" as the big bad enemy.

Unless perhaps if the darkness turns out to be that one hit wonder retro hair band wannabe come to destroy the Universe with their craptastic music.

That would be an unexpected twist ;)

Clown_Syndr0me1557d ago

Hey their Christmas song was pretty damn catchy!

mediate-this1557d ago

This game is just a halo remake to me, not thats its a bad thing. The sound, the little sly comedics greetings/quirkiness. Shootig, the story telling. Screams halo, oy difference is destiny is mmorpg.

BattleTorn1557d ago

It's the closest I feel they could get to a Halo MMORPG without calling them Spartans.

khellendros11557d ago

I just don't know what people who are complaining expect. I'm absolutely loving this game so far.

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