Is Steam Headed on a Downhill Streak?

Steam is pumping out mediocre games at an alarming speed. Is the digital download service going downhill? We discuss.

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fluffydelusions2266d ago

"Steam is pumping out mediocre games at an alarming speed"

I had no idea Steam was a developer making games

iamnsuperman2266d ago

True but the author makes a valid point. Even though steam is just a distribution service, pumping out mediocre or crappy titles makes people lose faith in indie titles available on steam. It is a problem that has plagued mobile gaming and Value should look hard at what has happened to mobile stores like the App store and the play store.

It is a problem Valve needs to fix asap.

WillGJ2266d ago

That's the description, that's not the article. Maybe you'd like to read my work before making up your own mind?

Testfire2266d ago

@WillGJ, N4G is a place where books do get judged by their covers (description). If you don't want people judging your work by that then don't be such a tryhard to get clicks. Honest and unbiased work will do you fine (see Dual Shockers).

liquidhalos2266d ago

If the headlne isn't a true representation of the article then this will happen on n4g, it's what n4g does. Look in every sensationalised headline post.

On a side note, it was an interesting read. Thanks

Wingsfan242266d ago

Testfire, sorry but your statement became invalid when you included Dualshockers in there. That site is the definition of click-bait.

liquidhalos2266d ago

LOL dualcockers!!! That's the worst site on n4g. They flaimbait articles all the time then get their staff to approve them and troll the comment section. It doesn't take a genius to see the pattern they leave. You can't hide the similar comment styles, grammar and spelling mistakes of multiple accounts.

Trying to say dualcockers has integrity. That's the pond scum of n4g. Lol you kill me Bro.

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3-4-52266d ago

* The Blame is those who choose to make said crappy games.

Developer's are KNOWINGLY making bad games....and we aren't doing a good enough job on calling them out on it.

Not just generically or with a broad brush.

I mean we need to be individually embarrassing these developers and shaming them for their terrible and obviously money driven efforts.

If ALL the attention within the gaming community on Monday was about some indie developer who made a horrible game and gave the facts why and it was a money grab, AT LEAST we would get the word out to people and nobody would ever take that Dev seriously again.

STEAM is awesome, but there is a bit too much trash to pick through just to find the treasure.

TekoIie2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Thing is that Valve have actually banned Steam tags which would've helped with identifying this.

A tag that is still available that I love is "Ride to Hell". Good tag to look out for when identifying if a game is just terrible.

3-4-52266d ago

Interesting...I never payed much attention to tags...maybe I should.

assdan2266d ago

Yeah, this is a stupid article. People make bad games sometimes.

JsonHenry2266d ago

Not sure I agree. Especially since the games almost all have metaratings listed on their page and forum links attached to the right of the store page. Yes there are a lot of mediocre games but no one is forcing you to buy them. And the format is such that it is easy to browse or search by metacritic score.

If anything it is THE place to go to when looking for an indie game.

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JBSleek2266d ago

I don't think it's Steam job to monitor the games quality that goes on the store because:

1. Quality is subjective thus denying a game would cause friction with devs.

2. Responsibility needs to fall on the gamers to do their own research on a game before a purchase.

3. It would likely be taxing on the team at Steam to quality test all the games on their platform.

4. They are only a distributor, for the most part, so they have no obligation to.

I think saying there are many "mediocre games" in a marketplace can be said about almost any digital store. Netflix doesn't filter out mediocre movies or iTunes for mediocre music because you can't...It's all opinionated.

WillGJ2266d ago

That's why it's called an opinion piece.

Also the Netflix recently added category (which disappears on the UK end because they barely add anything) isn't over-flowing with god awful rubbish.

JBSleek2266d ago

"That's why it's called an opinion piece."

Alright? Well didn't I just give my opinion on it.

skydragoonity2266d ago

Steam might just be running out of steam

WillGJ2266d ago

That pun just made writing that all worth while. I'm now upset I didn't think of it :)

rodelthegreat2266d ago

Weak title. Also, hasn't everyone who sells games (retail or online) been pumping out mediocre games for years?

cyguration2266d ago

Yeah if we're counting "mediocre" titles EA and Ubisoft would have to have many of their games extricated from the store.

BenRage32266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I stopped reading the minute the writer dropped the f-bomb. I don't get it why so many video game websites allow such unprofessionalism. And it seriously shows a lack of creative vocabulary on the part of the writer.

BlackTar1872266d ago

I don't understand why people get so offended over words.

BenRage32266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I'm not offended. I just appreciate good writing, that's all. There are literally thousands of words to choose from and if the only way you can get your point across is to use profanity, then you are not a good writer.

If I want listen to an adolescent in a state of arrested development all I have to do is read the comment sections of N4G.

I agree with you. It is the parent's job to "govern" what their kids look at on the internet. And I don't wear panties.

Codey472266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

But they're are so many professionals that swear.
David Scott Jaffe springs to mind immediately. VG247 is another website that doesn't get their panties in a twist over a cuss word. I know there's kids that surf this website...but it's not our, nor the mods jobs to "govern" other peoples children on the internet.

That's the parents job!!!!

If you want a read with a plethora of vocabulary.. use an Oxford Dictionary or Funk and Wagnalls.
That's got vocabulary that'll keep you entertained up until your quinquagenarian years.

On topic:
This is the top five games on Steam
754,942 Peak Players Today-Dota2
153,326 Peak Players Today-CS:GO
73,309 Peak Players Today-Team Fortress 2
58,708 Peak Players Today- Unturned
56,154 Peak Players Today- Football Manager 2014


Tbh that's not that impressive for approximately 6.6 Million users. And the numbers hardly differ at weekends.
Give or take a hundred thousand at weekends for DOTA2's case.... and ten thousand for the others.

I think the service as a whole has taken a nose dive.
There's no wonder GabeN and the VaLVe team are going full steam ahead with Steam Box(PC in a console package for PC Beginners)'s quite obvious they also want a piece of that console pie.

wannabe gamer2266d ago

steam/pc platform has so much more in its library than any 1 console that its hard to use the top few games to make claims. i mean xbox1/ps4 are so new they have hardly any games when compared to the mountain of titles on steam/pc. this is going to lead to pc userbase being far more spread out rather than clumped together in the same 10 popular titles at all times like on console.

Wingsfan242266d ago

Whoa what, Footable Manager is in the top games played? Lol, am I missing out on something there?

JsonHenry2266d ago

6.6 million users and over 1 million total players at peak for each of the top 5 games over the last 24 hours ISN'T impressive?

What exactly IS impressive to you????

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