Local No-op: Why Developers Are Getting Rid of Local Multiplayer

The world of local co-op is changing. No longer are the days of couch co-operative gaming possible in today's gaming world. 6aming's Sheldon explains.

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Apollo11555d ago

Never played Local Co-Op anymore. I only co-op online.

JohnJ1555d ago

Shame - local co-op is incredible, 4 friends in one room on FIFA, or bossing left4dead, gears, borderlands, halo with a friend!
Bring back local co-op!!

TomShoe1555d ago

Here's why they're getting rid of it.

Why have 4 people use 1 console and 1 game to play together when you can make them buy 4 consoles and 4 games to do the same thing?

ZodTheRipper1555d ago

^I don't think devs care THAT much about console sales to compromise their games. Lots of games have local multiplayer modes, only AAA games are missing it these days... and there are quite a few (logical) reasons for that. Only Nintendo remains investing into local co-op games but that trend is dying because of the internet-age.

MysticStrummer1555d ago

Yeah I mainly co-op online. It's nice to have the option of local though. Had some great fun with Diablo 3's local co-op.

Gamble201555d ago

Almost every popular game I played growing up, I first played with a friend at his house. Obviously this value diminishes as you get older, but it's a huge mistake to write off local play as a word of mouth generator.

3-4-51555d ago

* Local Co-op extends replay in some games infinitely.

EX: 1.) Mario Kart 64
EX: 2.) Golden Eye 007
EX: 3.) Perfect Dark ( Also with bots )

Clogmaster1555d ago

Twisted Metal

3-4-51555d ago

I hope we get another Timesplitters.

user56695101555d ago

and another perk gone from console gaming.

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Tom871555d ago

Imagine these games without Local Co-Op Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Land, LittleBIGPlanet 3, FIFA

DJustinUNCHAIND1555d ago

Hard to imagine LittleBigPlanet 3 when no one has played it yet.

abradley1555d ago

Just imagine the first two without it then.

kingPoS1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

LBP 1 & 2 wouldn't have been the same without local co-op, Dito for Castle Crashers & Scott Pillgrim vs the World. My nephew & niece would cry if they couldn't play together.

Gateway MT6706 2008

edgarohickman1555d ago

I think there are a lot of games that can't be done without Local Multilayer. Specially Wii U games. Mario Kart 8, New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U, Mario 3D World ..etc..

Kivespussi1555d ago

I miss local co-op. Now it seems like it's only shooters and very few others that have split screen or other couch multiplayer functionality.

Wii U does a good job with it though. A lot of fun couch multiplayer games there.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1555d ago

Looking for Local Co-op get a Wii U. PS4 ain't gonna offer nor will Xbone.

jangoblamba1552d ago

The PS4 actually has some coming out. Xbone's just got Halo and a Dance Revolution game.

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