Uncharted PS4 remaster would be 'really cool to have,' says Naughty Dog

PSU writes:

Uncharted developer Naughty Dog admits that a PS4 remaster of the series would prove highly beneficial for newcomers and fans alike.

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Goku7811554d ago

I think they should, but how long would it take? Plus would like to see new games from them.

hkgamer1554d ago


a trilogy of games would probably take too long for nd to do. i mean nd has a standard to keep up to and if they half ass it, it probably would give the studio a negative image.

the next best thing would be to have bluepoint make the port. also would be great if they gave them the freedom to change anything they feel would improve the game. i mean the first game is clearly the uglier game compared to the other 2. so maybe up the polygons add more effects. etc...

ahmedghoula1554d ago

There are a lot of people who went from Xbox(PC,Wii) to PS meaning they never got the chance to play these games, that is where Sony is coming from and i understand that...

But to make your best studio do remakes instead of investing all it's manpower in new IPs is not a wise decision.

if say ND didn't have to do TLOU:R would we have gotten Uncharted by Christmas, or early next year?

hkgamer1554d ago

im not too sure about that, unless nd wanted to space out their games.

tlou is definitely not slowing down uncharted 4 development too much since they have two teams and enough staff to make 2 games.

patrik231554d ago

i already beat all 3 UNCHARTED games on PS3. Don't care about remaster. i want new UNCHARTED as soon as possible. hope for MP beta in first half 2015.

hkgamer1554d ago

for most ps3 gamers or nd fans, i guess we could care less about a new gen port, but its mainly for the ones that havent played it.

uncharted aswell as tlou definitely does not need a new gen port due to those games looking good enough, but never hurts to release it for ps4 for those who dont own ps3 or have missed it the first time round.

SpinalRemains1381554d ago

Of course they would.

Lots of profits for a quarter or the work.

We don't want it though.

medman1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I have a ps4, but recently I went back and replayed the Uncharted trilogy on my ps3. Loved it all over again. I don't have any problem with them doing a remaster, and I don't have any problem with remasters in general. There are many gamers who bought a ps4 having never had the opportunity to play Uncharted. A remaster would be great for them, especially for those gamers who due to insufficient internet speeds would not be able to stream the games through psnow. The only downside to remasters that I can see is they take time and resources away from a talented dev like Naughty Dog, meaning that talent isn't working on new projects. That is the only part of the remaster equation I don't like.

hkgamer1554d ago

i think most people would agree with this.

i do think that bluepoint have been amazing with hd ports though. they are definitely capable to do this if they dont charge too much.

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