Destiny Beta Diary - Entry One

My first victory was squeezing through the overloaded PSN servers at exactly 18:00. Twitter was awash with complaints: “PSN under maintenence?” “PSN down?” Death to Sony!” “Death to Bungie!” I flicked through the torrent of complaints on my phone, as I took my time creating the perfect Titan.

Out of the three classes – Titan, Hunter and Warlock – the Titan appealed most, mostly because of the jumping punch ability described in its class summary. I could picture myself diving into the middle of a group of enemies like a rockstar, scattering them with a single blow. It was either that, wizardry or roguishness.

It was then time to choose my race. I was immediately drawn to the Exo, a sentient machine created for war – because I can be a gruff marine in every other game. I spent a good twenty minutes choosing the face plate I wanted, opting for an angular mask with a black base and red detailing. Red eyes, too, because, you know, the Terminator.

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