Destiny PS4 vs PS3 Beta Screenshot Comparison Shows How a Cross-Gen Game Should Be Made

When a game is announced as cross-generation between PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s easy to understand why many that moved to the current generation of consoles feel a measure of their excitement ebb away. Cross-generation games tend to penalize the current generation platforms rather heavily in order to accommodate the restriction of the old ones.

Luckily the PS4 version of Destiny doesn't suffer from that problem too much.

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gamer11381556d ago

Looks like old gen players are gonna have a good time. But remember Bungie said they wanted 10 years out of this game...will we start to see Next Gen Only dlc?

Abriael1556d ago

I'm pretty sure it's 10 years for the franchise, not the single game :D

gamer11381556d ago

See, I'm sure they were talking about this being the base game then going with expansions. Kind of like warcraft. I guess we'll see.

JackOfAllBlades1556d ago

Either way this game looks great

badz1491556d ago

There is no where in Hell Activision would only release 1 game for 10 years. The least we can expect is a biannual releases from Bungie.

guitarded771555d ago

Yeah, I'm not happy about Activision being involved at all, but the Alpha was awesome, and I'm downloading the beta now and expect it to be even better.

WARNING: There is a Facebook page called "Destiny Beta Codes" sending e-mails to their FB page, and have a download .exe file with it. DO NOT download. It is a Trojan.

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Mikelarry1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@ gamer
thats what i thought as well but no there was an interview on this site about them saying (praraphrasing here)"they would only make destiny two once they have proven themselves with this one". ill find it and update my comment

Edit: article below


MasterCornholio1556d ago

That was helpful. I thought it would be like Guild Wars but I guess I'm wrong.

Thanks for the link.

Gh05t1556d ago

I thought the cat was out of the bag because of some court document that it is planned to have a game then one year later an expansion and then a year later another game and so on and so fourth through 3-4 cycles. I will have to look for the document but Im pretty sure that was the plan.

if so I would expect the next stand alone game to be next gen only.

wsoutlaw871556d ago

Yes thats what i remember too. There would be 4 destiny games with one every two years, with a large expansion in between each release. There will also be multiple dlcs. So i would imagine when destiny 2 comes out in 2016, it will be next gen only. Im sure with all the ps3/360 sales they are going to have the dlc and next years expansion are pretty much a guarentee on last gen.

Magicite1556d ago

call of duty have been milked longer than that.

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ITPython1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I started the beta tonight on PS4, and I gotta say, the visuals are pretty sh**y. Barely looks better than a late last-gen first-party PS3 game. Hell, aside from extra AA, it looks worse than quite a few.

I am incredibly disappointed, I would love to play the game and just have fun... but I can't get over how insanely crappy it looks. Hell, I can even tolerate Watch Dogs visuals for crying out loud!

This game is unbelievably sub-par in the visual department. I even get frequent framerate slowdowns, despite the game appearing as if it is only slightly better than last-gen PS3 visuals. This shouldn't be happening on the PS4.

XB1 parity was confirmed by Bungie, so that explains the beyond garbage visuals and sh*t performance on the PS4. (

F**king MS and their parity BS. We are going to be punished all generation long on multiplat games because MS chose sh*t hardware for the XB1. Unbelievable.

gamer11381555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

No pal, the reason for your perceived lack of stunning graphics comes down to the fact that Destiny is a CROSS GEN game. Watchdogs got smacked with the same thing. They have to have an engine that "scales" from 360/ps3 to x1/ps4. Watchdogs, Titanfall, Wolfenstein, Sniper Elite pretty much everything that is on old gen and next gen has had this issue. Stop spouting the parity shit. Did the xb1 stop COD from being 1080p on PS4? Did it stop the higher res on other multiplay games? No. You're unbelievable.

OT. I think the game looks good for an always online game.

ITPython1555d ago

@gamer1138 - Sure, use cross-gen as an excuse now, but when this kind of garbage keeps up even when the games are only on PS4/XB1 what excuse will you use then? There is no doubt that MS is behind this. They will do everything in their power to bring the PS4 versions of games down to the XB1's level, as that takes away one of the biggest advantages the PS4 has, superior hardware.

Seriously read that article, they literally said they were not pushing the consoles (ie PS4's) limits due to some "creative" excuse. How would pushing the game to the limit on the PS4 harm their creative vision, please explain that to me.

Also remember when AC:BF released on PS4 with 900p resolution, then got patched to 1080p? And COD Ghosts was 720p with a patch to 1080p? The reason for that was without a doubt MS trying to cover up the resolution-gate, and they paid off the right person(s) to keep that disparity quite until the games released. Just imagine the game reviews if they had this giant difference in resolution when reviewing the games before they released.

I didn't play COD Ghosts, but I did play AC:BF, and it looked terrible before the 1080p patch. But with it running at 1080p, it is actually one of the best looking next-gen games so far, and it was cross-gen. So explain that.

This games lackluster visuals are either a result of lazy devs, or MS paying large chunks of cash under the table to have the PS4 version held back to XB1 levels. And I don't see Bungie as a lazy dev.

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Mikelarry1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Definitely they put some effort in the ps3 version congrats to them. if i didn't own a ps4 those screen assures me that that last gen was not an after-thought when developing this game.

Septic1556d ago

The last gen stuff is really impressive. Kudos to Bungie for achieving that kind of fidelity on last gen tech. The next-gen stuff is nice but not really mind blowing but it is cross-gen.

ginsunuva1556d ago

That's what last-gen games looked like anyway.

We're giving current-gen too much credit.

marlinfan101556d ago


if anyone still needs one

Clown_Syndr0me1556d ago

Wow last gens looks great. There isn't that much difference to be honest, atleast not for a casual gamer.
The leap of graphics this gen hasn't been that big just yet, if I wasn't obsessed with having the latest everything I wouldn't bother upgrading yet..

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