The Xbox One Game That Makes Kinect Look Good

NowGamer: "The Xbox One is short of games that make Kinect look appealing. Enter the game that makes Kinect look fun."

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gamer11381551d ago

I have played this and it really is the best and most imaginative use of the kinect I have ever seen! If more indies get involved with the kinect it may finally meet some of its potential.

TimmyShire1551d ago

See if Microsoft can get more guys like this to develop for Kinect I think it wouldn't have such the negative stigma it does.

OwnageDC6501551d ago

It's best played with fat family members or your whale-like friends!

hkgamer1551d ago

definitely an interesting looking game. not really using the kinect features to its max potential but those look like a fun game to play.

this game does seem like it could be done with a simple webcam.

i do think we will get less and less of these games in the future though, kinect probably will reach 7 million users by the end of this gen. doubt it will get more than that.

sinspirit1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

I wonder why there hasn't been a Black & White game from Lionhead that takes advantage of Kinect. It's a AAA game depending on if they took a sequel seriously and it kind of fits together with Kinect in order to shape the world and play a god.

tuglu_pati1551d ago

I got to say this is a pretty smart concept

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2cents1551d ago

lol, love the trailer.

Now with 100% more co-op...

Karate Kick!!! Hiii Ya!!!

Septic1551d ago

This would be brilliant to play with mates lol.

mhunterjr1551d ago

Hopefully this is the first of many good kinect games.

LAWSON721551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Fantasia and Dance Central might impress (not my cup of tea though lol). There is also that D4 game. Personally I don't really have friends over so the appeal of Kinect for gaming is slim to none for me, but I definitely see the potential

mhunterjr1551d ago

Kids love the kinect games, and the dance central games are a riot at parties. I'm hoping for more games that speak to the core gamer in me. FRU and D4 look like they might be right up my alley...

XiSasukeUchiha1551d ago

This actually looks exciting to play, now MS remember this and make more game surrounding this.

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The story is too old to be commented.