Majesco and the SEGA Game Gear’s second lease of life

GamesAsylum: "Best known nowadays for publishing the Cooking Mama and Zumba fitness games in the US, budget specialists Majesco have been around for far longer than most gamers realise. Back in the mid-‘90s, when the 16-bit market was entering its twilight years, the company purchased Acclaim’s Mexico-based cartridge manufacturing facility and begin to re-release Genesis and SNES titles in the US at bargain prices"

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Fullmetalevolust1740d ago

I had never heard of the Genesis 3, therefore proving your point, it wasn't well marketed.
Gamers were ready to move on to new console generations at the time, as you pointed it out.
I had friends who had the gamegear, and it was kinda cool for a minute due to its screen in color.
The gameboy, of course, ate up the handheld market and I bought one for the likes of mario and zelda.

3-4-51740d ago

Just found my Gamegear the other day.

Carrying case, 3-4 games, powerplug.

I still need to see if it works, but we didn't use it a ton back in the day. So many games I could get for it now.

Randostar1740d ago

I still have mine, turn it on to play Mortal Kombat every once in a while.

OculusRift1740d ago

Sh*T, I had one of these as a kid. The only game I had was sonic tho.

MajorGecko1740d ago

saw kids with it at school in elemtary while i had my gameboy lil hipsters!!!

BillytheBarbarian1740d ago

I have my game gear. Works great but I recommend replacing the screen with LCD. Find parts on eBay. It's worth it and get's rid of the blur. Also works awesome for the Sega Nomad.