Destiny Guide: How To Switch Your Sparrow And Ship

In Destiny you are given a basic ship and Sparrow to start with. As you progress better ones become available for purchase that have more health or just look cooler. This guide will hep you find out how to switch your ship and Sparrow.

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BiggCMan1735d ago

I really hope there is a REASON to switch your ship in the full game. The Sparrow makes sense, you actually use it, you can get faster ones etc. But in the alpha and now the beta, your actual warp ship servers no purpose but for loading screens and they are too expensive for just that. I hope they are hiding a nice surprise for us in the full game, like somehow piloting them.

GW2121734d ago

Agreed. Maybe there's a Mass Effect 2 kind of mechanic going on? I have no idea. Doubt it's just for "show."

JohnnyHurricane1734d ago

Right I hope so as well. For now it is just for show. It would be cool to actually travel in space with it like a free roam type thing.

LAWSON721734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I wish you drove it through space to go to the other planets, something like Halo Reachs flying mission. As of now though the ships do seem pointless.

jnemesh1735d ago

I too am wondering what the ship upgrades actually give you...anyone know?

Ron_Danger1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

My guess would be better ships have better warp drives so you can travel to different planets. I'm only basing this off of at the start of the beta intro level when your ghost tells you that you'll need to get a ship with a better warp drive so you can warp to further planets once he finishes repairing the first one you find.

Scull1735d ago

I hope there will be something like SWTOR where you can PVP with your Ship. Maybe you need a better ship in the full version to visit planets near endgame or something like that ..

Darkfist1735d ago

forget about them, what about that dead ghost you find in some areas?

LAWSON721734d ago

Yeah anybody know what the heck these are I found two of them, one is actually on the Tower

GW2121734d ago

Got three beta codes for Destiny left. They are for PS4 in NA. PM me if you want one.

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