Crysis - Unofficial Multiplayer Patch Saves It From Its Gamespy Doom, Adds 70 Brand New MP Maps

Well, you gotta love fans. Crysis was one of the games that suffered from the closure of Gamespy and as you may have guessed, both Crytek and EA didn’t bother replacing the game’s MP servers. Instead of doing the 'right' thing, EA and Crytek decided to let the game die. But thanks to “GermanCrysis” forum, players can once again enjoy the MP of the best Crysis game.

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JackOfAllBlades1551d ago

Modders are love, modders are life

hay1551d ago

Community is life. I still wait for a game which will empower gamers. Easy modding, editors, open multiplayer(no Gamespy or dedicated-only shenanigans) and such. You know, for the people.

WeAreLegion1551d ago

70? Jesus... Downloading now.

OwnageDC6501551d ago

That's great! I'll have to give it a go. How popular is the game online?

WeedyOne1551d ago

Those nuclear explosions in the multiplayer.... so awesome!

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