Kickstarter-backed 'Chroma Squad' Facing Legal Action from Power Rangers Rights Holders

Hardcore Gamer: Almost a year after the project's completion, the developers are in hot water with SABAN.

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ValKilmer1647d ago

Man that's so messed up of them to go after an indie game that's clearly a passion project.

Godmars2901647d ago

Sadly its a passion project based on Sentai, which Saban has all claim to in the west.

MegaRay1646d ago

Well... they should've changed the colors atleast. . .

BlackWolf1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Colors are not the issue. It's the "multi-colored team of warriors with giant robots that fight monsters" concept behind Sentai/Power Rangers series. To this date, the Sentai teams have used almost all colors. For example, the Kyorygers:


Neckbear1646d ago

At least SABAN gave them a choice.

isarai1646d ago

Why? i mean i clearly see the resemblance but it's not like Power Rangers are the only multicolored suit wearing martial arts team with a show. There's tons of them in both the west and most definitely the east

shadowraiserx1646d ago

Theres a lot of shows in japan that look like sentai so its stupid, please.

Neckbear1646d ago

All sentai shows are actually produced by the same company.