Early access: How it should be implemented

Sony and Microsoft implementing a Steam-esque service on both consoles is a real possibility. Recently both Microsoft and Sony have been asked by numerous developers to add a early access service, similar to what Steam already does.

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MagikPiggy1556d ago

Wow I never thought about it this way!

mhunterjr1556d ago

Honestly, I'd rather not have it at all. If devs start making too much money selling unfinished games, the system is sure to be abused. But if it were to make it to consoles, this approach would be sound...

s45gr321556d ago

How is it sound on consoles.

mhunterjr1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

If Sony and ms had strict guideline that ensured quality and reduced the likelihood of abuse, I think it would be sound. I'd still have my reservations, but I'd appreciate the attempt to mitigate gamers risk.

I fundamentally disagree with the idea of paying to be a tester. Traditionally, testers are paid to help improve the game. Since they are now being asked to invest in the game, I feel like they are stakeholders and should probably be compensated if the game ends up being successful. That said, people who chose to participate obviously don't share my concern... And that's their prerogative. Limiting the amount of money devs can extract from these testers would alleviate some of my concerns.

Platinum251556d ago

This is a decent idea. Hopefully Sony and Microsoft implement something like this if early access does make it to consoles.

Vantage1556d ago

Here's how you implement Early Access.

You don't.

annus1556d ago

Here's how you implement it: If you don't want an unfinished game, don't buy it.

Some of us enjoy early access, hell most of the games I've had fun with over the last year have primarily been early access games.

s45gr321556d ago

Ugh!!! Is if you want to buy the game wait for it; however, if you want to publish the game plus test the game you are onboard of early access. That's the issue right there an early access game is published/ tested by gamers. The gamer is investing the game not buying it, meaning the gamer tells the developer what to add, change, improve, or remove from the game like a publisher. These multibillion dollar publishers invest on the games they see which games sell or which games will bust and the games that are destined to bust don't get published but the ones that do sell get published. These publishers do change, add
subtract video game content by letting the developer know which features make money for example a publisher may tell a developer to add online gaming to their action/adventure game for is a feature that's been successful with Uncharted, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, etc. So as a gamer that invest not buy an early access game that's what they do. Get in touch with game developers through forums, Facebook, what have you and inform game developer what to add, change, improve, subtract from say game. Inform game developer any bugs, technical issues, etc. So you are not buying a game, you're investing. You're publishing/ testing the game.

s45gr321556d ago

Well the article offers great suggestions for say early access on consoles. But console gamers need to be aware that they are publishing the game , they are not buying the game.