5 amazing moments in Final Fantasy VII

‘Final Fantasy VII’ isn’t just a classic RPG with fantastic music, an innovative combat and magic system, an intriguing story and memorable characters; it’s a collection of incredible moments that have become hallmarks of the series. Here are five of the best and most memorable scenes from one gaming’s most beloved JRPGs.

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GeofferyPeterson1644d ago

Loved this game as a kid and spent way too many hours playing it but it was completely worth it. I have this above my fireplace
Yeah, pretty awesome.

Kurisu1643d ago

No blood, just like the real thing! =p

hay1643d ago

I fondly reminisce train sequences in FF7. Moments when you see a Midgar map, or be a witness to the stories happened there. So fondly I've put a train map from the game in my office surrounded by some sweet concepts of the game, neighbouring with similar stuff from Metroid.

First images of FF7 that come to my mind each time stem from the train sequences.



Clown_Syndr0me1643d ago

Just started playing this the other day for first time in a Loooong time.
Couldn't get more than 20 mins in, so dated now and virtually unplayable on a 50" tv. Shame.

Dannycr1643d ago

Play it on the PSP or Vita.

hay1643d ago

Or a phone, or use custom driver/mods to make it a bit more relevant on PC, or on a CRT TV, or PS3 upscaler helps a bit, or go with ePSXe and some sweet visual filters(enhances A LOT!).

mixelon1643d ago

Dated? I can see that.. Unplayable on a large TV? I don't see how.. Pixelly, yes.. Unplayable? Not really.

Clown_Syndr0me1643d ago

All a matter of opinion, far to pixellated to play on a PS1 on a 50". It gave me a headache from straining my eyes unfortunately.
I booted it up an hour ago on a smaller 19" TV as the article made me want to play it again and im getting on much better. Somehow the text seems clearer.

Nerdmaster1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I don't think being dated is its only problem. I played it (but didn't finish it) during PS2 era and even then I didn't think it was very good. After that I tried playing it at least five more times on emulators, PSP and I even bought the new PC version to see if I finally get into it. I guess I'll just give up on my plan of finishing all the main non-online FF games. I just can't stand playing 7 and 12 for long (and I even bought the japanese Zodiac version of 12 - and applied the English patch - but it isn't "less bad" enough).

Miss_Vixen1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Definitely one of the most memorable JRPG games I've played during the psone era.

This is probably one of the few rpg games that I played through multiple times. I spent countless hours trying to breed the gold chocobo in order to get the knights of rounds, & grind my way so I can beat the two ultimate weapons.

BinaryMind1643d ago

Good to see an article on this game that doesn't once mention a remake. The game is fine as is, if you need HD graphics to enjoy it today you probably completely forget what made this game so great and memorable.

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