Why the Xbox One looks like a terrific long-term investment

For many of us, nine years was far too long to wait for a new generation of consoles. Although the PlayStation 3 and especially the Xbox 360 were as much platforms for continued growth as they were gaming consoles, many would argue that the industry was going limp by 2013. There were plenty of standout releases, but if anything was going to reinvigorate developers, it would be new hardware.

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Doge1736d ago

I picked one up mainly to play some of the exclusives that they'll release (mainly Halo and recently Sunset Overdrive).

As for multiplats, I'd rather play them on PC (or PS4 if it's a consoles-only multiplat).

christocolus1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Yeah. my brother was finally able to convince his boss to get one for his son after pitching in the entertainment functions as a plus..

Anyways i think we will see some really amazing exclusives this gen. If nadella and spencer can keep making the right deceisions then things will definitly get better. As for me i'm picking up Halo mcc and SO too.

Ballsack1736d ago

Xbox one was a better long term investment when kinect was sold as mandatory with the set it apart and showed ms had balls to stick with something they invested soo much money in.

guitarded771735d ago

I just wish everyone would quit using the term "investment". Buying consoles is not something you want in your investment portfolio. You're typically not going to buy a console, game on it, and turn around and sell it for a high profit in the near term. Gaming is an entertainment expense. You will get many quality hours of entertainment out of a platform, and will probably get more entertainment value per dollar when compared to a movie or cable, but it's just not an investment.

Spinal1735d ago

It's struggling to do 1080p I'm sorry but the x1 is a bad investment for a next gen console.

Spotie1734d ago

Isn't an investment just anything you put time, money, or other resources into with the expectation of getting future returns? In that case, buying a console IS an investment.

Based on history, though, I don't know how sound an investment the XB1 would be. Microsoft has a history of doing their consoles early. And if this generation continues as it's currently going, it will be very enticing for them to do the same once more.

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3-4-51735d ago

Not enough games I want on either PS4 or XB1 yet.

* The First " Must Have" for me is Destiny.

3DS/Vita/Wii U/PC should keep me busy for 2014.

2015 will be much better years for PS4 & XB1, and then I can decide which looks better.

It's too early right now, but PS4 looks like the safest bet.

MightyNoX1736d ago

It is, if we ignore the question --Just WHAT are investing on-- because whatever you're think you're betting on, it changes in shape, size and vision the very next week.

Some responses from Reddit /r/xboxone:

Jesus, just what the hell is this console I bought? It's unrecognizable from the days of the first announcement. Looking more and more like just a box I'll use to play Halo on.

I want to Film this:
Yup. I frankly didn't care about the TV shows, but I'm angry for the people who did. Goes to show, can't believe a company's promises until they actually deliver. And even then they can reverse course (selling without Kinnect, for instance)

That doesn't sound like product that inspires confidence.

MelvinTheGreat1735d ago

Its all due to spencer, i think of he was in charge from the begining the xbox would be closer in power to ps4 maybe even above it

Godmars2901735d ago

The problem seems to be that are trying to sell services, not a box. That most if not all of the XB1's strengths are based on alterable intangibles like DRM, TV services and the cloud server with the actual hardware is just a go-between.

This was Ballmer and his try to force "synergy" interdependence on everything MS.

Volkama1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Services are where the money is though. Both Sony and MS are totally focused on selling services and creating a platform for distribution. The box is just a means to that end.

As for "long term investment", I don't see why anyone would talk in those terms. These consoles are £350. And when you spend that you are just getting started.

Godmars2901735d ago

The PS2 represented a better "Long Term Investment" because its DVD drive played movies out of the box versus having to buy a mod kit for the first Xbox. The PS3 was a better value over the 360 because of its BR drive, and not needing to pay for PSN to use Hulu or Netflix. Things you just now don't have to worry about on the 360 and XB1 after the DRM brought into question of what happens to your XB1 games, all of them, after MS shuts down their servers.

Sony beat the stuffing out MS at 2013's E3 because they offered you your money's worth for buying a PS4. MS lost it because they - didn't - told you how and under what circumstances you had to use what you bought from them, as well as that you had to pay them more and keep paying to use it.

JBSleek1736d ago

If 2015 is any indication of what to come on Xbox One it is very good investment. Innovative games like Quantum Break and fan favorites like Halo Xbox One is poised to have a fantastic 2015.

Something that is overlooked is Windows 9 and "Threshold" which in 2015 will align all MS platforms into one allowing much better integration and Universal apps and games. Allowing you to buy something once and have it on all your platforms.

I'm excited about what is brewing for MS future. I am going to Gamescom this year and can't wait.

christocolus1736d ago

According to Phil scalebound is already in playable form so we might get crackdown and scalebound next year along with Halo5, D4, fable and Quantum break. That's a great line up right there.

user74029311736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

to be honest i will get a xbox one because im a fan of killer instinct, but honestly i would never pay for live...and i want the price to go down to $299.00 with a free game.

@jbsleek, perhaps when it comes i will.

JBSleek1736d ago

$299 with a free game? Damn... Sounds like Black Friday might be a time for you to pick one up.

ScorpiusX1735d ago

Or a free one , cause he's already asking for a 100.00 price drop and a game.

XiSasukeUchiha1736d ago

Xbox ONE for exclusives, and content and I really enjoy it so far:)

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