Top 8 things to look forward to in FFXIV: Expansion, New Jobs, and More

A list of the top 8 things to look forward to in FFXIV: ARR. Content including discussion of the Expansion, upcoming jobs and races, Marriage system, Gold Saucer and more

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Sokol1643d ago

Lots of content, one of the most polished, fun and enjoyable MMOs on the market since excellent World of Warcraft.

Especially if you are fan of Final Fantasy in general. Looking forward to the new expansion. :)

dcj05241643d ago

The Ninja's life more me.

g4n1643d ago

Glad we're still making it in the news!
If you have not got onboard yet, FFXIV is a really great modern MMO.

xActionBasturdx1642d ago

Gotta love the support Squarr Enix have for ff14:arr...keep this content coming and i'd gladly continue to pay my sub fee!

Jubez1871642d ago

I hope they keep adding to Frontlines with more maps as well.