Sony Santa Monica Unannounced Game’s New Character Artist is Amazingly Talented: Check His Art Out

Rafael Grassetti is the newest character artist hired by Sony Santa Monica, currently working on the studio's unannounced game, and his artwork is absolutely incredible.

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tbone5671557d ago

I think this game got cancelled. What was the game that Sony cancelled by one of their studios. I think something like 100 million was spent before Sony axed it. Can't remember.

ShinMaster1557d ago

You think "this" game got cancelled? What game?

Provolone241555d ago

Santa Monica was working on a new IP that got canned, now they're working on an entirely new one. At least get your facts straight if you're gonna troll.

kingtroy1558d ago

Very nice Pics . Except that one dude look like kratos lol

user74029311558d ago

looks like predator, some of them. if these models get in there game that would be sweet.

Fullmetalevolust1558d ago

All that teasing, cant wait for it to be announced.

Dark111558d ago

Can't wait to see new GOW for Ps4.

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The story is too old to be commented.