Opinion – Sony and Microsoft Don’t Understand Themselves

MP1st - If this year’s E3 was proof of anything, it’s that most of the major players in the gaming world don’t understand what consoles are. Everyone from Microsoft to Ubisoft kept referring to their content as pushing the boundaries, cutting edge, “next gen,” and exclusive, despite most of their games not even running at 1080p/60FPS or being exclusive to any console. Everyone, that is, except for Nintendo.

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JBSleek1556d ago

Interesting. I liked reading it.

johndoe112111556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Did I just read the most senseless article ever?

"Sony and Microsoft need to stop assuming gamers only think with their eyes and start making games that stimulate their minds and create gameplay that’s actually engaging and does not simply require gamers to push “X” to win. They need to make games that don’t have to be scaled down and held back just to run at 900p or 30FPS. They need to understand their hardware and customers as well as Nintendo does. Unfortunately, they don’t. "

If he had started this article with this quote I would not have bothered to read the rest of the article. Firstly, I don't know what rock this guy has been living under but sony has been making some very good, original and diverse exclusives for the past 5 years.

If he is speaking about the new systems then he's still being ridiculous because the gen has now started and he needs to give both these companies time to develop their games.

Nintendo understands their hardware and customers?? Is he serious? Is he talking about the same system that hes been struggling horrendously for the past 2 years? The same system that has now allowed a 9 month old console to surpass it by 3 million in sales? The same nintendo that is now begging third parties to develop for them because they realized they screwed themselves by acting like they didn't need them to begin with?

I agree the wiiu is a nice system and has good potential but to say that they understood their customers and hardware is asinine. The only company that showed that this gen is sony because they seem to be doing everything right and it is showing in sales.

This guy has to be trolling. It's a clickbait article that makes no sense and has absolutely no evidence to back up the outlandish claims it is making. In fact, it seems as if this author is living in the twilight zone because reality is actually showing that everything is the exact opposite to what he is claiming.

MysticStrummer1556d ago

Yeah I'm with you. It's an opinion piece, but it's full of nonsense.

If Nintendo is doing the best job of understanding their customers then they must be content with the idea of having the smallest install base.

Alinea1556d ago

so which games are actually selling on the ps4? thats something I want to know, all we know is that a bunch of people bought a ps4

and seriously im disappointed with it thus far, nintendo got me more hyped for their games at e3 than sony did.

TLOU remastered, seriously?

johndoe112111556d ago


So apart from mk8 which games are selling on the wiiU? Bearing in mind it took the wiiu 2 years to actually get a game that caused it to start selling apart from the initial launch boost.

"and seriously im disappointed with it thus far, nintendo got me more hyped for their games at e3 than sony did."
Again, I find it that you would give the wiiu 2 years to actually get a good game but you're quick to bash the ps4 only after 9 months?

What games are selling on the ps4? why don't you go ask ubisoft that or maybe EA or maybe even sony

If you like nintendo, good for you, but feel free to leave the hypocrisy at the door.

Alinea1556d ago


heres the list of games ive had access too and played before mk8, also the wii u still has a larger library than the ps4 and had a better library at launch than the ps4, where the hell is all the games on the ps4? there was even more third party games on the wii u than on the ps4 thats a fact, meanwhile the top selling games on the ps4 are hardly exclusives also watch dogs received a lot of criticism so how is that game any good? same goes for the new need for speed with its retarded mechanics and gameplay concepts in attempts to make it like "battlefield with cars" heres a list of games I bought and enjoyed.

new super mario bros u

3d mario world

monster hunter 3 ultimate

nfs most wanted 2012

pikimin 3

rayman legends

dues ex director's cut

donkey kong tropical freeze

ninja gaiden

windwaker hd


splinter cell blacklist.

so far I only bought 3 games that I found worthy at first but one of them just was just crap

Infamous Second Son

and nfs rivals which turned out to be crap in the end

watch dogs, it was just a medicore game

so where is this hypocrisy you speak of? I just mentioned a list of worthy games for the wii u meanwhile I only found 1 on the ps4

also youre here saying the wii u has been around 2 years and the ps4 has been around for 9 months eh?

talk about estimating the wii u but not the ps4, the wii u has been around for about a year and a half, not 2 years.

talk about hypocrisy.

yet point mine out please, just because you say I am doesnt mean I am.

johndoe112111556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


I don't get it, your second post made even less sense than your first post. Who cares whether YOU preferred those games. That was not the point. you asked me what games were selling on the ps4 and I provided you with that info.

You rattling off a whole list of games that have been out on a system that is one year and eight months years old and then comparing it to a system that is only 8 months old reeks of desperation. You should have been ashamed to have posted that list.

A better library is a matter of opinion. The fact remains that games have been selling very well on the ps4 as I have proven with the links I posted. Whether or not YOU like those games does not change the fact that the system has sold more units than the wiiu has sold in almost two years and only 3 million less in software, IN ONLY EIGHT MONTHS.

You keep moving those goalposts and pretty soon you'll run out of places to put them. Stick to the bloody point. This is not about personal likes and dislikes this is about what we can prove. The minute you asked what games are selling on the ps4 was the point where personal likes became irrelevant.

These are the facts:

1: The ps4 is the best selling console right now.

2: Games are selling very well for it.

3: It has only been out for 8 months and it has already way surpassed the wiiu which has been out for 1 year and 8 months.

4: After being out for 1 year and 8 months the wiiu has only now began to pick up some steam due to 1 game which is mk8, and regardless of YOUR personal opinion on how good the other wiiu games are, they did NOT help move systems.

Based on these FACTS it would appear that this article is full of crap and the ps4 and xone do NOT need to be like nintendo. In fact they being totally opposite to nintendo has been a vey good thing for the gaming industry because if they did have the sales figures of nintendo we would be facing another crash like what happened in the 1980's.

Apparently you and this author thinks that would be a good thing.

Tetsdah1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Lol, and some of the titles he mentioned are ports from the ps3 and 360. Which in that case you can throw in battlefield 4, assassin's creed black flag, Final Fantasy XIV Realm reborn, Wolfenstein new order, Metro Redux, etc.. for the ps4.

Hell a majority of the third party if not all, are not even coming to wii u. Wii U's launch line up was blah it's launch year too. Just didn't really have third party backing so didn't really have anything to fall back on. Now it's gonna have an explosive lineup which will be better than the x-one and ps4 2014 exclusive line up.

But what about the xbox one and ps4's second year? I predict between the 3 as this generation goes along, one of the three is gonna snowball heavily in games. Another is gonna snowball with games. And the last will still be putting out great 1st party titles, but not too many games in between.

Jrmy841555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I agree with you.
Edit: Yeah his opinionated article, we get to post our opinions about it('! ')

hay1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Main aim for Sony and Microsoft is not understanding it's own nature. The aim is to create as hermetic bubble around consumers as possible, one have to forgive them the only integrity they know ; p

Nothing says "opinion" more than being wrong :D

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Inzo1556d ago

You're right, its opinion!

XiSasukeUchiha1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Definitely this article deserves the title of 'opinion' status.

DualWielding1555d ago

The author is clearly a Nintendo fanboy

johndoe112111555d ago

This guy wrote an entire article basically saying that the ps4 and xone should have copied the wiiu in having no games for the next two years, struggle to sell systems, make games that don't sell systems, isolate third party devs only to turn around and beg them for games when they realize no one is buying the systems and cause their fanbase to move to competing platforms.

Somehow or the other, in his fantasy land, those were great decisions by nintendo. This guy suffers from the worst case of fanboyism known to man, it's called "Rabid Fanboy Fanaticism" and it is deadly. It actually destroys brain cells. Hence this article.

uth111555d ago

No, PC fanboy looking for excuses to bash XB and PS consoles and push PC gaming on everyone