Indian Mario Singh - Can We Say Nintendo Copyright Infringement?

In the latest game spin-off, does Indian Mario Singh go too far?

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GeofferyPeterson1648d ago

And we said copyright infringement on Flappy Bird because of it's pipes. If this game isn't gone in a week I'd be shocked, so download it while you still can.

rdgneoz31648d ago

It was less about the pipes, and more that flappy bird copied another game...


3-4-51648d ago

It's seriously not that hard to come up with an original idea.

sikadelic_mu531648d ago

It's sad that these guys didn't.

irishyort1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

ok genius, go for it. Give me one and I'll give you a game that is the same or similar!

Make it good and copyright it, EA will come a-knocking if you can think of an original one....

TWB1647d ago

Though I think nintendo already said that the pipes didnt bother them and that they didnt take any actions towards the game/developer ?

TWB1646d ago

@ sikadelic_mu53

Originaly I saw the news here on n4g but heres some articles I found from google.

AnEwGuY1648d ago Show