Should We Be Worried About Mortal Kombat X?

The build up to Mortal Kombat X has been swift, exciting and troubling for those paying attention. It's not as though the game can't be good, but a few details about it can certainly be taken as ominous thunder clouds sent by Raiden himself.

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ValKilmer1743d ago

If they think that announcing Raiden is in the game constitutes a major announcement for the game, then yes. That'd be like Nintendo announcing Super Mario World 3D 2 and a month later announcing Mario is in the game.

LackTrue4K1743d ago

@ article,
"I have other things to worry about, like if i have $ for lunch tomorrow....and keeping up with my rent"

I'm getting this game day one....hell, I'm getting it to release stress...."can't wait"

ValKilmer1743d ago

Oh come now, this is N4G. Games are like 99% of our worries.

ABizzel11743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

There's nothing to be worried about. The last game was good, more than likely this game will be good.

The real thing to question are all the new characters, what the story will be like, will online work well, and what other game modes are there.

A little optimism and common sense saves you from a lot of worrying, it works for me :)

fardan851743d ago

While I agree with you on the trust thing, my only concern is the balancing thing. Mk9 was awesome but it suffered from imbalanced characters. Mk X seems like it's trying to solve the issue by having different variation for each character & interactables. I'll buy MK X day one, I hope it will meet the FGC expectation.

-Foxtrot1743d ago

The only thing I'm worried about is that they could plague the game with new characters instead of keeping fan favorites.

I mean if you got rid of most of the characters in Mario Kart or Smash Bros, and I mean the core characters who have been there since the start, there would be hell on. It wouldn't be the same

Here hoping for the best though

ValKilmer1743d ago

I think I speak for everybody when I say the only character we really need is Johnny Cage.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1743d ago

I don't need cage, the only person I need is Kung Lao. Now I don't know if he'll make a return since he died in the last game.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1743d ago

Only Mortal Kombat fans should be worried. They're going to have Soul Calibur 5 tier characters, more new characters over classic characters that people wanted to return in MK9, and they're shoving in a bunch of Injustice mechanics.

I'm not sure why they called this "Mortal Kombat" X. If anything it's more of a Injustice X...Or just X.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1743d ago

Injustice was a good game so not much of a complaint there, but I think they'll go back to the same concept that MK9 had

Master-H1743d ago

Eh, at least a good game is getting a sequel, thank god we're not getting a sequel to that garbage DMC reboot...

Avengingkinght921743d ago

You never know. DmC is getting a PS4 port, so they might be working on DmC 2

PhoenixRising371743d ago

why should we be worried? they always deliver when it comes to mortal kombat.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1743d ago

As much as I want your comment to be true I've played two terrible Mk games in the past, but these were not the core fighters. It was Subzero Mythologies and Mk:Special Forces both ps1 games :P

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