The Daily Five: Reasons a Port Could Be Game of the Year

"As we move into the second half of 2014, it is only natural for gamers to begin debating what could be this year's Game of the Year. We've seen a few strong candidates already, including inFamous: Second Son, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Dark Souls II and  Child of Light." - Travis Tucker, Stealthy Box

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mikel10151648d ago

It shouldn't deserve to be game of the year if you have already experienced the game before. Game of the years are representatives of new experiences that were released for that year. With this logic, Tomb Raider DE, Rayman Legends, and Master Chief Collection can be GOTY but they won't be. Why? Because they already came out and have been readily available for at least a year. If someone who hasn't played it before plays the remaster and votes goty, good on them for enjoying the game. But for the rest who are just replaying the game for better graphics, why should better graphics be GOTY?

Ezz20131648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

but the thing is
you are saying that to who already played it
but what about who play it for the first time and think it's GOTY conender ?!

but don't be mad though it's not even playstation exclusive any more
and thanks to GAF
now i know why there is 30fps option. XD

mikel10151648d ago

xD nice picture.

And that's why I said "If someone who hasn't played it before plays the remaster and votes goty, good on them for enjoying the game."

XiNarutoUzumaki1648d ago

Xbox fans' wet dream: The Last of Us ported to Xbox One.

XiSasukeUchiha1647d ago


XD, you bubble for that.

Ezz20131648d ago

glad we agree with each other

Alex_Boro1648d ago

Lol true. A game that came out last year shouldn't be game of the year.

uth111648d ago

I don't think it should be game of the year. That's like saying nothing of quality came out in 2014

MysticStrummer1647d ago

The fact that it's even a topic shows what a slow year it's been overall. More than one super hyped game came out and didn't live up to expectations. Some other game will get the most GotY nods but it won't shock me if a few sites or magazines give it to TLoU.

zsquaresoff1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

As much as I love the last of us. It wouldn't be fair to the other games coming out this year.

I'm hoping fry cry 4 to take GOTY this year. If it doesn't get delayed to 2015.

Competition in 2015 for GOTY is going to be extremly stiff.

SilentNegotiator1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Oh please.

It's still a 2013 game. It's still a great, welcomed game in 2014, but it's not GotY 2014.

fluxmulder1647d ago

Uh, no. Just no. Once is enough.

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