Destiny Beta – Having Problems Being Able to Download it? Here’s a Workaround

Potential workaround for those of you trying to get into the Destiny Beta.

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jackanderson19851558d ago

ah look another one might aswell... probably not the best article for it but kinda on topic... i've two beta codes spare if anyone wants em? drop me a PM

also handy workarounds i just kept re-entering on the console till i got it to work

PockyKing1558d ago

That's what I initially did too until I figured out how quickly this worked ha. Only thing I couldn't do was actually redeem the code on PS4. Once I did it this way I was in and installing within 2 min.

thorstein1558d ago

That's the best work around: Just keep re entering the code until it comes up and lets you download.

I also waited a couple hours after the initial 1PM start time for the Beta.

Chris_GTR11557d ago

i already downloaded the beta but now i cant seem to get it to download the files with in the game. it messes up every 20 mins saying lost connection to psn

leemo191558d ago

Its what I did after trying to redeem the code for 10 mins.

jimmywolf1558d ago


2 extra codes for anyone wanting try it but did not want pre order

die_fiend1558d ago

Those 2 codes were for your friends...

eddieistheillest1558d ago

How can someone disagree? Your hooking up other gamers who don't have access to the beta.

Drabent1558d ago

download takes forever><

Relientk771558d ago

Its ridiclous, I'm at like 8% right now

download faster :-(

fenome1558d ago

Seriously! I'm at 3%, I wish I disn't have to work today so I could've already had it downloded. Hurry Up!!

Patience is not my biggest virtue. lol

Tripl3seis1558d ago

Someone has any extras codes thanks in advance

thorstein1558d ago

Well, everyone got three so just look around and grab them as soon as you can/

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The story is too old to be commented.