Gears of War 2 Wishlist

From TeamXbox: "Earlier this week, we posted a story detailing what we wanted to see when Epic releases the sequel (or prequel) to its smash hit Gears of War. Most of the entries on our list weren't particularly surprising, so we decided that it would be a good idea to give you, our readers, a chance to chime in. We set up a sticky thread on the Gears of War forum, and asked you guys to post your ideas, suggestions, and criticisms. Perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of you took us up on the offer."

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ernande4446d ago

I'd like to see 4-on-4-on-4. Three teams of 4 battle it out against each other online.

matt19914446d ago

it would be very cool to play solo multiplayer

UrbanJabroni4446d ago

<wind blowing>

<more crickets>

G_CodeMonkey4446d ago

Where you went against some Bots if you didnt want (or couldnt) go online -- to get some quick practice.

Cyclonus4445d ago

1) 4 player co-op

2) An actual STORY next time (there really is no story in Gears, just a series of random cutscenes that explain nothing)

3) Fully customizable bot matches. Imagine four players battling waves of Drones, Therons, Boomers, or even Corpsers, all while trying to close up Emergence holes or surviving for a set number of minutes.

4) Give the Locust gun a bayonet like the Lance chainsaw! Since the locust are diggers it would make sense for them to have some sort of AUGER DRILL attachment...that would make for some sick executions.

5) Beyond Insane difficulty. I beat Gears on Insane(with no co-op help) and it isn't that hard! I found COD2's Veteran much tougher. Lets have an "UN-POSSIBLE!" diffuculty next time.