BioWare Talks About Romance and Sexuality At GaymerX2: Listen to the Full Panel

Last Saturday BioWare hosted a panel at GaymerX2 titled “Building a Better Romance” focused mostly on Dragon Age: Inquisition, but also touching on other games like those belonging to the Mass Effect series.

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Vantage1743d ago

"Building a better romance"

Go outside, nerds.

Blacktric1743d ago

Being PC ain't EZ...

Wait... it actually is when it comes to Bioware and their fanbase. Just shove in some gay characters that basically have no character and you're done. Watch those "awards" from LGBT related petty movements getting thrown onto you left and right. God forbid they actually gave a shit and write better characters without having to shoehorn some politically correct BS into it.

Qrphe1743d ago

I actually agree with this for the most part

Baka-akaB1743d ago

Well i do agree that you shouldnt feature romance option with dialogues that are worse , than in a circa snes or psx rpg .

ATi_Elite1743d ago

we are talking Romance and Sexuality NOT games NOT graphics NOT game engines NOT variable gameplay but Romance and sexuality.

I think we are getting off course here.

Spotie1743d ago

One of the important parts of GAMES is the story, which needs good characters and writing to be good. That means good relationships. And that means believable romance, which is driven by well-realized sexuality.

So, you see, we're still talking about games. Just a particular aspect.

Juste_Belmont1743d ago

I heard that Harlequin is slated to do the novelization of Dragon Age: Inquisition. /s