Nvidia Maxwell Flagship GTX 880 and GTX 870 Release Date Confirmed

WCCF: The release date of the Next Generation Flagship GPUs from Nvidia has finally been confirmed.

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XiSasukeUchiha1737d ago

Into my hands precious (Lord of Rings quote).

codelyoko1737d ago

I know right :D :D :D.

Nvidia us a taste of the maxwell power with GTX 750 Ti. And that was Maxwell Generation 1. This is Maxwell Generation 2. <3.<3

JackOfAllBlades1737d ago

I really hope it's affordable like the 750

ABizzel11737d ago



No. I'm sorry, but I seriously doubt it's going to be anything below $500. AMD doesn't have a rival out that we know of which means they can monopolize and price it however they want, and seeing how NVIDIA is already more expensive and their current flagship launched at $800, I seriously doubt they're going to be in a giving mood.

starchild1737d ago

I'm looking forward to the GTX 880, or possibly the GTX 870. I just hope they put enough memory on them.

TheDevKit1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

You need to be banned; good fucking lord.

Magicite1737d ago

New generation cards release = lower price for older cards.
This means I will be able to buy something like HD7950/GTX670 dirt cheap and enjoy all games on mostly high settings, yay!

ABizzel11737d ago

Yep, best thing to do is go on Craislist when new GPUs are announced and in sale, get dirt cheap prices on good cards.

ATi_Elite1737d ago

@ XiSasukeUchiha

for once I agree with you.!

GTX860ti SLI yes my PRECIOUS, Oh my gorgeous PRECIOUS!

Let the BENCHMARKING begin!

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Doge1737d ago

Can't wait to see the benchmarks from these bad boys.

eezo1737d ago

<3 what would b the price ?

Volkama1737d ago

"Monopolistic playing field" + nvidia = LOADS

Eldyraen1737d ago

I would truly be surprised if the 880 was below $500 at launch. If they go with 4-8gb models likely 600-650 for an 8gb model (all depending on manufacturer of course). This would follow earlier releases relatively well anyways and less competition this fall means less reason to lower price any more than they would have to.

It could be higher or lower but I don't realistically see it costing us less than usual. Higher is more likely but I will just wait if that's the case. There are a couple games that look demanding this fall but not "too demanding" where I am in a rush to upgrade yet. Come Witcher 3 benchmarks things might change.

JBSleek1737d ago

The next generation is here! I want to upgrade my 670 and the 880 sounds like a perfect fit!

8GB of GDDR5 in one chip as well. Yes!! This should be able to run 4K quite well off one chip.

a08andan1737d ago

You should never buy the newest cards, at least in my opinion. It is simply not worth the money. I am still rocking my gtx 460 and I'm waiting for the 800-series to arrive so I can buy a GTX 760 4GB most likely :)

JBSleek1737d ago

I need a card that can handle 4K though. I currently game at 1440p but will be upgrading to 4K later this year.

My secondary PC has a 750 Ti. Good mid range card.

a08andan1737d ago

Why do you "need" to game at 4K? Does it really improve the experience so much it's worth it? The way the industry in some aspects focuses on graphics feels like a deception sometimes, trying to hide awful gameplay behind pretty graphics.

Make no mistake, I love amazing graphics, but that is just an eyecatcher for me. It is never going to be what keeps me playing. I've played many games with "shitty" graphics that were so much more with great gameplay or co-op that made you forget all about graphics. I just really don't like how some focuses so much on graphics :)

JBSleek1737d ago

I understand what you are saying but thanks to PC I can have both gameplay and great graphics. Up until now I have been using OGSSAA to push pixels above what my monitor can actually display.

imchuckbass1737d ago

Why do you "need" a Ferrari if a Peugeot can also get you from A to B?

solar1737d ago

imchuckbass explained it perfectly.

traumadisaster1737d ago

I've been playing at 4k since last spring 2013 and it is worth it to me. I love gfx and my boat and car, should I downgrade those for you too? Get out a lil people have always bought luxury.

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windwardmist1737d ago

I'm holding out for the 20nn ones that are coming the following year. I hear apparently there is a much higher bump more like 40 % or something in performance. I bet these will be that big a jump but time will tell when the benches release.

Eldyraen1737d ago

I have a feeling I'll pick one up next year with a couple games attached (likely FC4/AC/etc as Ubi is a big Nvidia partner nowadays).

My current setup should hold me over easily till then unless early W3 benchmarks force my hand. NVidia will probably push new cards hard around then anyways so could get other free games then as well. Free games with a new card soften the blow somewhat so I'm not above waiting aittle bit longer unless wait becomes unbearable.

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