The Scummiest Ways Game Developers Make Money looks at the dirty tactics game developers use to increase profit.

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Majin-vegeta1553d ago

And??Music and movies do the same also.

cleft51552d ago

Every entertainment business does the same. The myth is that this sort of stuff only appeals to teenage boys and of course the gaming industry does it more than the other forms of entertainment.

The reality is that the gaming industry, as well as other entertainment industry and even non entertainment industry, uses these methods because they appeal to both MEN and WOMEN of All Ages and sexual preferences.

When people stop buying products that use this form of persuasion then companies will move on to some other way to sell their products and services.

DillyDilly1552d ago

This is how they make money

They put their right hand in. They put their right hand out. They put their right hand in & they shake it all about. They do the hokey pokey & they turn themselves around. That what it's all about yeah

1552d ago
cleft51552d ago

That made my day, bubbles to you lol.

dark-kyon1552d ago

1-put guns how weapons in every game possible.
2-put a guy with a gun in the game box art.
3-sell the game talking of graphics,res,frame rate.
4-make review embargos of overhyped games.
5-give gifs to reviewers to get more forgiving scores.
6-use high end pc footage how console footage in reveals or trailers.

persona4chie1552d ago

Yep, that pretty much sums it up

Khan6131552d ago

Unless it's and RPG.

THen you need a scantily clad chick in Bikini armor with beachballs for breasts and cleavage like the grand canyon!

psuedo1552d ago

What snooki hair on my avatar? Microsoft take my money!!!!!1!1

1nsomniac1552d ago

The scummiest way game developers make money is by advertising & hyping games with features that are not in the game & the final product not reaching the advertised level.

Worryingly It seems to be increasing ten-fold over the last 3-4 years as well. It's something that happens in no other industry & simply legally wouldn't be allowed in any other either. Yet the games industry not only allows it but thrives on it & pre sells you the game based on these lies.

At some point soon I think they will go too far though & I think some kind of new legislation will be brought in to stop it, although it'll only get worse before it gets better.

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The story is too old to be commented.