Rainbow Six Siege Live Stream Recap, Unscripted Gameplay and New Details From Ubisoft Montreal

MP1st - Developers at Ubisoft are rebooting the Rainbow Six series with a “multiplayer first” approach and focus on smooth 60 FPS gameplay, said game designer Andrew J. Will during a recent gameplay Rainbow Six Siege live stream at their Montreal studio.

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ddgaming8201558d ago

Holy crap, this games looks awesome.

Can't wait to see other maps.

wsoutlaw871558d ago

already got my team picked out, im ready.

XiSasukeUchiha1558d ago

This game plays perfectly to FPS standards, finally looks nice!

JeffGUNZ1558d ago

Can't wait. This won E3 for me. Loved how it looked and the emphasis of teamwork. My friends and I would love to play this!

Malakhim1558d ago

Rainbow six Vegas 2 was my favorite shooter ever, played so many clan matches and killed so many people with my pistol, this is going to be GREAT

iistuii1558d ago

I agree. I really like these type of slow shooters. I'm crap at Halo/COD MP shooters, too quick for me. Rainbow 6 & Ghost Recon games are more up my street. Thinking mans shooter.

Audiggity1558d ago

YES! Rainbow 6 is back!

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The story is too old to be commented.