Destiny Beta: Possible Solution For Game Getting Locked Out And Resolving The CE-34632-8 Error

The Destiny beta is now live and with millions of users apparently trying to access it, there are bound to be problems.

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Omar911742d ago

I dont have my code yet!!! :,(

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ArchangelMike1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

grrr.... it's soooo annoying. PSN is "undergoing maintenance"... AREYOUFKNKIDDINGME?????

GamersHeaven1742d ago

You go to Bungies site? Sign in look under your profile should be there still haven't been able to download mine annoyed as sh!t.

Soldierone1742d ago

Finally got through Bungie net to get my code, now I can't get on PSN to redeem it and download the beta.....

I'll just leave it and try again in a few hours.

kaileb1742d ago

Did you try and check your bungie account?i did not get email but i got mine there.

iiwii1742d ago

That's the problem. I didn't get an email either, and I cannot get signed into either to check and see if my code is there. I've been trying for a couple of hours.

KwietStorm1742d ago

Where did you pre order, and are you doing anything about it?

Chaos3131742d ago

Good lookin my dude, I made a profile just to thank you

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XtraTrstrL1742d ago

Is this only for pre-orders?

Heisenburger1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )


If you preordered digitally as I did, NA, go to the playstation store(I know I know) and go to "game" then "new" "demos." It won't look like the regular demos, but should be the first thing you see.

I had to keep spamming "download", but there you go guys.

isa_scout1742d ago

This trick didn't work for me.

Rob_Ko1742d ago

yes I can confirm it!!! I'm on it

gameseveryday1742d ago

Awesome. Can you let us know which method worked for you?

isa_scout1742d ago

Are you in NA? I did the trick and it didn't work. I created a UK account last week to pre download it and cancelled my preorder, but all I keep getting is the cannot start application message.

brandonb211742d ago

i had the same issue i decided to redownload it seemed to fix it.

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The story is too old to be commented.