Ubisoft reveals ‘Far Cry 4’ side content and details refined hunting system

Examiner: "Far Cry 2 contained a lot of arduous tasks such as repeatedly clearing outposts, attacking convoys, and more. The sequel fixed many of the issues players had with the system and in some ways encouraged exploring all that Far Cry 3 had to offer. But with Far Cry 4 releasing this fall, Ubisoft Montreal has had even more time to innovate and improve on these systems that it uses to drive gameplay."

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Clown_Syndr0me1552d ago

Hunting was one of my favourite bits of Far Cry 3. Even when I had all the upgrades I still enjoyed sneaking through the bushes with my prey in sight..

Yi-Long1551d ago

I have a bit of mixed feelings about the hunting and wildlife.

It did add something to the game, as in you were always on your toes, and often you'd still be jumping from a sudden attack.

However, the very limited space you get in the beginning, with pouches, bags and wallets, could be a bit annoying, and it was extremely frustrating when you were in the middle of conquering an outpost using stealth, and suddenly a tiger or komodo jumps you...

Fun, surprising, but also at times annoying.

Final point of criticism was that some animals didn't react realistically to getting shot. As in, you would need to put multiple rounds into some of the animals to stop them, while I would assume that normally a single headshot would be sufficiant in most cases.

Although, to be fair, as in most shooters, the same applies to NPC's, and of course to your own character as well.

xSHADOWx1551d ago

Yeah I agree! Some very valid points, nice to know it's back though, and that it's (crafting) been refined and improved upon.

The Far Cry franchise has come so far! :)

oasdada1551d ago

no offense but i dont understand people complaining that games dont have 'nexgen gameplay' and on the other hand when dynamic changes to gameplay happen like random animals interfering is seen annoying and unwelcomed

Yi-Long1551d ago

That's not what I said. I said it added something to the games, but at times it was frustrating, because the way it was used in the game was that it happened too often that you were being attacked by wild animals, which wasn't very realistic (Tigers clearly aren't an endangered species on these islands), and in the beginning of the game you were always out of storage-space when it comes to money, items, etc.

oasdada1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

@yi long

sorry bro but i wasnt specifically pointing at you.. its just the recent trend ive been seeing in gamers that they are constantly complaining about almost everythings devs are doing from watchdogs to the order e.t.c... i think i did kinda over react here maybe... sorry again if i offended you.. no hard feelings :) PEACE!

Clown_Syndr0me1551d ago

I totally agree it wasn't perfect, but perhaps some of these refinements will improve that. Id like it to be a little deeper this time round, maybe serve more purpose.
After all the upgrades, although I still enjoyed hunting it did feel pointless.

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